The Erol...Do Tell....

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  1. For those of us who haven't been here from the beginning...please, do tell. What is the story about The Erol? To the uninformed eye, it looks like the average tote...not particulary stylish but no worse than any other. Why the HH legacy then??

    Please, do tell....
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I'm SO glad you started this thread!!! I had to ask this a month or so ago, and it's pretty damn funny. When someone admits they have one... it's like they're admitting they eat Spam. (Hawaii residents excepted here... and I adore Spam.)

    Can't wait to see what people post...
  3. i have one! i've never taken pics. should i? i have the green one that came out last year (and i think it's been sold out for a while). i like it! but when the next sale rolls around, i'd like to replace ti with the new crossbody nylon bag that they have.
  4. hokka -
    indeed, you MUST post pics!

    leo has one and I do believe others as well......

    the "joke" behind the bag all stems from a crazy a$$ sale they had almost two years ago....along w/their regular sale items, they posted a featured item at a very insane price every 30 minutes for I believe several days (though it seemed like FOREVER).....and we would get all stoked about the next item and voila.....the EROL would pop up.....again and again and again. Hence the name.....dreaded EROL.

    I really didn't tell the story well, you had to be was funny, at first....and than it became ANNOYING!

    BUT - the bottom's supposedly a fantastic canvas bag/tote!! Go figure!
    I've seen it IRL and it is very well made and organized, as you can imagine!!! So - if you are a person who likes canvas and need a tote....I say, go for it!!!!
  5. :tumbleweed:

    Ask me no questions.......I'll tell you no lies........
  6. Thanks DC! I think you told the story well because I can definitely relate to how annoying that must have been. :P
  7. I happen to have a thing for canned corned beef hash, a close cousin to Spam.

    DC told the real about some apocryphal versions?
  8. I know nothing about this bag and would love to see photos.
  9. Oh man, canned corned beef hash. Libby's or Hormel's... doesn't matter. Almost-burned, on toast w/ Miracle Whip. Damn. :faint:
  10. I was cracking up during the last sales when everyone was going "the Dreaded Erol". B/C on the one hand, it was like a line out of The Princess Bride, and on the other... I'm sorry. But the silly thing looks like Coach IMHO.
  11. sybaryte: I love your avatar! Great shot :tup:
  12. In additional to what dcblam said, I just have to add that it has been around FOREVER! Since their first spring line, I think. I don't know if they can't sell them or if they keep making them, or what, but they never go away! They're definitely cute, but I wouldn't mind If I never saw them again. I mean at this point, why don't they just unload them for $25 or something?!? I would totally be tempted at that price :smile:
  13. I have been looking for a large one in Navy, or Sun LOL. It's just that I want if for really inexpensive. I just am dying to actually have one because at this point it is truly a collectors item.
  14. Ha ha hahahaha....I remember those crazy 30 min specials and they were deep, deep discounts back then. Imagine a whole crowd of people just waiting on the edge of their seats for the unveiling of the next super discounted item....will it be a Nico? A Havana? Oooh, maybe a Mercer satchel?....aaaaaand......Erol. *crowd goes awwwwwwwwwwww, boooooooooo*

    Repeat this every 30 minutes for like, a week. They had different colors, too, so sometimes it was MORE THAN ONE Erol in a row. So yellow Erol is up and it's almost time for the next item. It HAS to be something good, right, since there's an Erol up right now? Aaaaaaaand......BLUE Erol. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  15. There is a Erol on the sale page on Hayden harnett