***The EQUESTRIAN Club***

  1. Hi Advo, if you upload your pictures through sites like picturetrail.com (free service) you can click the button that says Image URL. It will then give you a link that you need to copy and paste on to here, and tada!

    Pinup, that's sad you had to sell them. Lovely picture, riding through the water!
  2. Yer it's rlly pretty love the water photos he's so beautiful, yer it's sad bu t they r in good homes x
  3. Sugarcoated, Thank you so much! I'm so technology inept.

    Here's Petoskey in all his glory, haha:
  4. The farm I'm at now has a Connemara stud that looks alot like him, especially in the water picture. Riley, the stud, is slightly heavier boned though. Very cute ponies!
  5. God connemaras r my favorite breed ever of any horse but rlly hard to get them over in Australia WA.. :sad:
  6. The website for my farm is sycamoreridgeky.com and you can look at some older pictures of him there. Blue Rock Riley is his full name and he's gotten a lot lighter since those pictures but he's soooo cute! :smile:
  7. Sooooo cute love them I'll have to get another when I'm a Lil older n breed a good one or somthing haha
  8. Very pretty pics!
  9. Beautiful pictures!
    Love the one with his tongue sticking out!
  10. My Baby Able, And one giving his friend William a tickle...
    able.jpg able 1.jpg able 2.jpg able 4.jpg able 5.jpg
  11. He's gorgeous. What do you do with him? He's got lovely confirmation and I love that he has a little bit of a roman nose ( at least it looks like he does in the pictures!) :smile:
  12. Love him!
  13. Thank you both!
  14. He's my boy so he is perfect in my eyes!!!

    What do i do with him?!?! Really, not a lot, Just hacking. He used to race and i have had him 5 years and he has had 2 surgeries on his legs followed both times by 3 months box rest then 2 months in hand walking then 2 months ridden walking. He has typical TB feet which last year resulted in 6 months without a shoe! Honestly, He is a pet that i walk and trot around the conutryside with.

    Complete money pit but i wouldnt be without him. I love him sooo much!
  15. He's so cute; and he looks so fit and well muscled in the picture of him with the duck tape hoof and wrapped right hind leg that I thought you did more with him. I like them being pets though; so many people just see them as competition machines and that really bothers me.