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  1. I had a good lesson on my new boy. He's such a sweetie. I am really enjoying getting to know him.
  2. Hi everyone! Has been awhile, I've just been out of control busy with showing, and the kids home for the summer. Had a fabulous show season, will try to post pics but first need to go back 20 pages and read all thats been happening with you all!

    VJ - sending you a PM, but just had to say CONGRATS on your new boy! Am sooo very excited for you!!
  3. Some more pics of Ricky-
    1097969_10153063149525627_1342522774_n.jpg 1185749_10153191709840627_1191225644_n.jpg 1235927_10153191709965627_1124835736_n.jpg
  4. He's beautiful! You look so happy, that's a gorgeous pic of you two together.
  5. Needanotherbag how is your girl? How was show season?

  6. She's fabulous :smile: We had an unbelievable show season. Hit 5 shows this season, and qualified for Nationals in both disciplines. Since it's our first season together, my goal was just to show, never thought we'd so well together. We're aiming for Nationals in Oklahoma next year! I just love this horse, we've really clicked as a team and it's so much fun.
  7. Congratulations!! My old barn owner's daughter qualified for Youth World in AQHA land this year, and she said the experience was incredible. That's an amazing feat for a first season together!
  8. Thank you! I'm thrilled with how things went this year. Now back to the lessons and schooling...I'm hoping to show 1st level dressage at some point next show season :smile:

    I bet that experience was pretty incredible.... Our nationals are broadcasted online live each year, and just watching it gives me goosebumps.
  9. Wow, how wonderful! Congrats on a great season!
  10. Thanks! How are things with your new boy? Do you ride every day or just in lessons?
  11. I take 1 lesson a week (sometimes private, sometimes with my riding buddy) and I try to ride 3-4x on my own. My barn is about 20-25 minutes from my house so I can't make it out every day but I would if I could. Just really working on building our relationship now and getting my confidence up. He's a big strong guy and I have only been back taking lessons for 1.5 years so he is a big learning curve for me. I'm trusting him more every day though.
  12. That's so wonderful! I wish I could see my girl more often, but she's 35 mins away...

    Isn't it amazing to start feeling that bond happening?
  13. Needanotherbag- it really is amazing. We had a great lesson Thursday and Saturday we had our first photo shoot. The photographer actually knows one of Ricky's former owners and she said he seemed much happier and relaxed with me. That made me feel good. He was basically a show machine with his previous owners and now he gets to be a horse.

    I went out and groomed him and snuggled today. He has been having some skin issues so I paid attention to those and just hung out a bit. I will probably ride tomorrow after work. I'm enjoying just getting to know him on the ground.
  14. i got to go to a show jumping competition with many awesome (and olympic level) riders including beezie madden and mcclain ward. it was so much fun to watch! here's a few pics i got:
  15. hello fellow horse lover!

    I would like to ask for advise and your opinions please:smile:
    I did a lot of riding between the age of 12 and 20, then I took nearly a 10 year break to to various circumstances (moving countries etc..) and I've been back riding for about 2 years now. I live in a countryside and have been lucky enough to have found someone who lets me ride one of her 17 year old horses exclusively in return for some help with the chores etc.... I've recently started toying with the idea of getting a youngster to bond with and train and by the time my current girl retires, this one could be ready to ride.
    I would like to see your opinions though - currently I have no expense whatsoever, this would obviously change if I owned my own horse, although I would basically put my horse in a field with the others and pay very small field share rent plus some feed and insurance. I would love to bring up my own horse, but it's a very big step in terms of commitment. On the other hand I've been spending majority of my free time with the horses for the past 2 years, so there is not that much difference...
    Please give me your "pros & cons", I will be grateful for any advise!:smile: