The Epi Speedy 30...

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  1. will be my next bag :P I went to the LV boutique at Saks today and looked at a red one, and fell in love :love: My first choice for the color is mandarin, but I also love the red. I think it's a very sophisicated bag - just what I am looking for in my next bag purchase. I thought the 30 would be too large, but the size was perfect. I've been liking bigger bags lately :biggrin:

    The SA was very helpful. He gave me the LV catalog for free instead of charging me the $10, and said he would track a mandarin Speedy down for me when I'm ready to purchase, since they didn't have one in stock.

    For those of you who own one, give me your opinions! Do you like it more than the monogram canvas? I recently bought a vintage 25 in the monogram, and I :love: it, but I'm looking for something more structured, with a similar shape that can hold a lot.

    Best part is, I think I sold some musical equipment I don't use anymore today for $700! I will have the rest of the money in February, after paying holiday bills and buying my car :biggrin:

    :nuts: Bags! :nuts:
  2. Yay! We will be bag twins!

    I definitely like it more than the monogram. I know the vulnerability of the vachetta handles would really bother me, since it's a hand held bag. And I love that not everyone goes for the Speedy in Epi leather, and in orange nonetheless. It makes me feel stylish instead of trendy. It's a very luxurious looking "look at me" kind of bag because of the color.

    I also really like that the orange is not as formal as black or red, so I feel totally comfortable carrying it with a denim jacket and yoga pants, as well as if I'm looking a little more professional.

    The only downside is that I don't wear it with black because that would be too Halloweeny. But it's okay, I have plenty of boring bags to wear with black.
  3. I was hoping you'd see my post, since I know you got yours not too long ago :biggrin: I saw the red in person and really liked it, but I agree with you about the orange being more versatile and fun, a bag that can go from work, because of the professional, sophisicated shape and look of it, to being a casual bag.

    I don't wear too much black, I'm more of a browns/tans/earthtones type of person. I actually don't own a black bag :lol: And I just bought my first pair of "classic" black heels yesterday. I guess it's about time I owned a pair.

    I'm so excited to get it! I told myself no new bags 'til May, but ha... like that is going to happen :P
  4. yes, i need pics, i don't know what your talking about but I am excited for you christina!:lol:
  5. I always thought the catalog is free from boutiques and that 866vuitton charges you $10 for shipping, not for the catalog. Has this changed recently?

    But good choice, I think the epi speedy (in any color) is a good choice. Classic, subtle, gorgeous!
  6. i think the $10 charged is for the shipping.. not for the catalog itself
  7. I had heard the same thing about the boutiques not charging for the catalog. But the SA said that normally it's $10, but he'd give it to me for free. Now that I think about it, when I bought my damier papillon a couple of months ago, when I asked for a catalog at that boutique, the SA told me they weren't any left, but didn't mention that it was $10 :huh:

    The color sure isn't subtle! But neither is my personality and taste in bags, so I think it'll suit me well :P

    Star - Here's a pic of the Epi Speedy 25. I'm going for the larger 30 :biggrin:

  8. take the epi christina! it will fit your face also.don´t ask me WHY on earth I said it.just accept is as a compliment.......also I could see you wearing it with light denim, ballerina flats and atrench coat.......upper sophisticated?

  9. :lol: I'll take it as a compliment. I'm not one to wear light denim... most of my jeans are sandblasted wash or dark. A trench coat would be cool, but here in Florida it's useless. I could do the ballerina flats, though ;) Keep the style ideas coming, I'm always looking for new ideas for my work wardrobe!
  10. I love my black epi 30, only I wish the blue one was out when I bought it. Although black is versatile, blue is harder to go with whatever you wear, I think colour ones stand out more.
  11. I have a feeling the myrtle (blue) epi needs to be custom made for the Speedy 30. In my LV catalogue blue is listed for the Speedy 25 but not for the Speedy 30.
  12. I love this speedy epi 30 and also the color. The bag is classic. The colour makes the bag more standout, yet still elegant. I am excited for you Cristina.
  13. There was a blue one at the store yesterday, but I couldn't tell if it was a 25 or 30, since it was behind a couple of other bags. It is a beautiful color for the bag :biggrin:
  14. Oh Cristina, how exciting!! :biggrin: When are you getting it? I would love the 25 in black :love: I saw the mandarin this week in Copenhagen and it is stunning!
  15. so i guess it's no new bags 'til february then, right cristina? ;)