The Epi Porte Document Voyage

  1. Who has this gorgeous briefcase? Do you love it?

  2. I don't have it but is BEAUTIFULL
    I know a guy who has this one in monogram
    it is a roomy briefcase
    he told me he puts shirts and t shirts inside sometimes
  3. I don't have it, but I would love to own one in Monogram Canvas.
  4. I have it. As you can probably tell from my banner. :p

    Mine is the newer one with silver hardware though - yeah it's great, great capacity, Epi is always beautiful and understated, and there's a zippered pocket inside. Not too formal for work but preppy enough. It's one of my favorite bags!
  5. its a great bag. i'd get one if i didn't have an Epi briefcase already :yes:
  6. I love this bag. I considered getting it but passed for and epi keepall.
  7. Do you guys have photos of your epi PDV. I like the stealth look of it as opposed to graphite canvas.

    Also is the interior leather? Or fabric?
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    I just bought a Louis Vuitton Epi Porte Document Voyage for GBP 699.99, equal to $1,099.00 U.S. dollars. Just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I hope it is in great condition, because if it is not, then I was mislead to its overall condition. I did not pay that much for a used bag, to come in used and abused! Anywaise, I will keep you guys posted on when it arrives and let you know its condition. Thanks for the original poster of this blog, your bag is great looking!!!

    Kind regards,
    JBM :biggrin:
    $(KGrHqN,!q8E-ZRUSb3lBPzJUT!NE!~~60_3.JPG $(KGrHqN,!q8E-ZRUSb3lBPzJUTe9Qw~~60_3.JPG $(KGrHqR,!o4E-v1r0E88BPzJUOCPz!~~60_3.JPG $(KGrHqR,!oQE-yuj4iNQBPzJUTOjWg~~60_3.JPG $(KGrHqF,!nkE-vr0fBZ8BPzJUP7BCQ~~60_3.JPG
  9. Thank you for sharing the pictures!
    This briefcase is beautiful!

    I almost got it but I got the Icare instead because
    I need more space and an outside zipper compartment.
  10. Thanks. Its not here yet, but the wait is very suspenseful.

    Kind regards,
    JBM :biggrin:
  11. What products are out there that will help clean epi leather? I heard of Lovin My Bag and Apple care products; I don't want to dry out the leather material. Any help?
  12. Nice bag, when did you get yours?
  13. I have the monogram version and i use it everyday for school. I love this bag!
  14. nice!
  15. A few days ago I got my bag in the mail, I wanted to say that I LOVE it, just thought I'd share. :biggrin:

    Kind regards,