The Epi Line

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  1. Since it's one of my favorites.. I realized that there is no Epi Cosmetic Bag:sad:
    So I called my SA and asked him about it and we came up with a quick fix for this problem. You can order a replacement pouch for the Epi Bucket Bag in any color for $185.00 with out a chain they get it from the spare parts department. So I ordered a red one to go with my Black Epi Passy PM. I did not want to use my monogram or Damier cosmetic bag.
    A post FYI

    WooHoo we have thumbnails back!! Yippie
  2. Thanks for the information. I bet the red will look fantastic with your black epi passy.
  3. Ohh very nice info amamxr!!!

    this will definitely come in handy when I get something in the new epi color
  4. Ladies- does the picture show up?
  5. That red looks stunning against the black! Congrats!
  6. Yup it does....I love having the full pic thumbnails back!
  7. Coolio- I wasn't sure if it was my puter- thanks twiggers
  8. Nice!
  9. Great info! I'm going to order one of those!!
  10. It looks excellent! Love it!:love:
  11. Thanks Jean. I'm completely obsessive about things matching inside the bag, so this is wonderful news. The fact that there was not a cosmetics bag available in the epi line was actually a deterrent to purchasing a new epi bag--not anymore!:P
  12. I know exactly what you mean :yes:. I considered pulling the pouch out of my Epi Bucket Bag but when I saw how the chain was attached I freaked about messing with it for fear I would screw it up. I have the Mono Cosmetic bag but did not like the way it sat inside the Passy. When I found out about this I was totally stoked. If you have a SA that does not know what you are talking about PM me and I will give you the correct verbage to tell your SA.
  13. Great,will do, when needed!
  14. ama do you have any other pics? i'm trying to figure out how big it is. i have a damier trousse but an epi pouch would be great....
  15. What a great idea! Love it!