The Epi Cannes

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  1. I have eyed this unique piece for quite sometime... just can't figure out what kind of use I would get out of it- other than to have as a collector's piece.

    Any suggestions? Does anyone have one?
  2. if you look at visual aids, caanie has a beautiful collection of them!
  3. Me too! I have looked at so many...always to think what would I do with it!
  4. I thought about using it to store things.
  5. I use it as a purse. It fits a full size wallet, a cosmetic bag, sun glasses, car key, cell phone, coin pocket and it's a charm to carry it around. It fits very well in your arm, so you don't have to hold it on your hand all the time.

    I love it!
  6. I love the epi cannes and have the red and black (the red is my LV HG) the cannes is a real beauty and so special IMO. it can fit a ton and is comfy worn on my arm. they look great with a little party dress and always get a ton of compliments
  7. OMG this thread is so old

  8. Sure hope OP has her mind made up by now, atleast, lol....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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