The Epi Alma or the Sac Montaigne?

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  1. Help! The Epi Alma or the Sac Montaigne. The Alma is so classic and the Montaigne is so chic? I'm really in a fix, pls help. I'm going to get it for work, and hopefully it can be versatile on some dressy weekends?

    And pls give your opinion on the colour to get too! Tks!
  2. I'm a big fan of both... my vote goes towards the Epi Sac Montaigne!!!!

    Welcome to tPF btw! ;)
  3. Sac Montaigne in black! An SA @ LV was also debating this last week...she picked the Sac Montaigne too. The alma you can probably still buy years from now...
  4. montaigne in black
  5. The Epi Sac Montaigne!! That's going to be my next purchase, but I can't decide between red and black.
    It looks like it can be casual too.

    OT - nice Westie in your avatar!
  6. Welcome to tPF. My vote goes to the Epi Alma.
  7. Montaigne in red.... hot!
  8. Epi Alma in black -- it is just so classic and can be dressed up or down!
  9. the montaigne !
  10. I love both! umm but i say Montaigne in Ivoire! gorgeous!
  11. another vote for

  12. Sac Montaigne!
  13. i'll prefer the sac montaigne, it looks more chic~
  14. Sac Montaigne! I love both, I am really wanting this bag!
  15. Epi Alma!!