The Envelope Clutch: When, Where and How?

  1. Can Envelope Clutch lovers enlighten me pls?:idea:

    I'm considering getting a Envelope Clutch but I'm really a jeans and tshrt kind of girl. No fancy dresses, no high heels. I dress up pretty casual but not sloppy.:p Do you think an Envelope Clutch would fit into my wardrobe? I'm thinking I can use it to go to the movies, dinner or a friend's house/party. Would this work or look out of place?

  2. definitely :tup:!

    it's not only a high fashion (dressy) item. it all depends on how u rock it - with lots of attitude :queen:
  3. T, I can see this clutch with even Jeans & Tees. Just like Jzlyn mentioned, depends on how you rock it!!! BTW there was a good deal on the black one on evilbay which I posted yesterday on the shopping thread. There is a gorgeous red one there now(@ under retail) but I think you would need to authenticate it if you want it. Looks like Tomato to me!
  4. Great way to put it, Jzlyn!! You definitely could pair the clutch with a dressier outfit (I think peppers90 has some fabulous dressier pics of her Violet SGH Envelope posted in the "Photos wearing your Bbags - PICTURES ONLY!" thread) but I really love the way it looks with jeans and heel - super hot, IMO!!
  5. Jzlyn - *gulp* that's what I fear..I've never considered myself fashionable:roflmfao:

    pinkboudoir F - thanks! saw those too but I'm looking at the one at RDC.:shame:

    CoutureObsessed - I did see that pic! She did look smashing with her Violet Envelope! Unfortunately, when I say jeans and tshirt kind of girl..I also mean, no heels..just sandals, flip flops, flats, or keds..haha I'm so embarrassed!:p
  6. mischka i am gonna be bad here and be the enabler lol. I just got my first envelope clutch in black GSH. totally loved it. i have used it for a company annual dinner and have also used it when i went down to the post office (to collect my sahara MU no less haha) in skinny jeans and flip flops. u cant imagine the number of looks the purse got.

  7. I def think you can wear it with jeans-it would look great with just jeans and a white tank; very rock n roll!!
  8. I have only ever worn my envelope clutches casual, to me it's a casual bag, but since it is a clutch, it could be dressed up too.
  9. I wore mine to a New Year's Eve party and use it with jeans also. Here are some pics worn casual for ya. ;)



  10. I don't have one of these so I can't speak from personal experience, but the reason I really want one is because it seems so versatile - as a clutch when going out, as a small purse when running out for coffee or to put inside a larger bag (like for work).
  11. Now i've been wanting an envelope clutch so bad too!!! I think it works well with casual just adds something special to the overall number!!does anyone know if there's an envelope clutch in bg08 with GH??? TIA :smile:

  12. yes it does
    go to matchesfashion that site!
  13. I think retail for the envelope is $975
  14. Thanks everyone!! Especially to Addy for the lovely pics!:tup: I think I can "rock" the envelope clutch since I normally do just wear jeans and tank tops. And it's great bag to bring when I just want to hang out at a friend's place or for dinner and movies, huh?

    Does anyone have a Jaune SGH Envelope to model? Will the EB be released in the SGH envelope as well?;)
  15. Definately can be casual - I'm dying for one of these, but want a color in the pink/blue/purple family w/ GSH and have yet to find one. I'm on the waitlist at Bal NY, but none yet in EB or Magenta- I may have to wait for the Fall colors which isn't a big thing since there are several there that I think I'd like.