the end to BALENCIAGA

  1. So as most of you know, Balenciaga is the least profitable sector of Gucci and they dont have too much time to redeem themselves before Gucci closes them down. My question you think they will go under?? It seems that they dont have many stores, not too many people carry them (well at least the real deal), Not that many other high end retailers carry them, and i dont really dig any of their other things besides their moto bags. The odds just dont look good.
    ANOTHER thing....would their bags be more or less valuable if they do close down? I know like BALLY bags are totally obsoleted now and you really cant get anyone to even look at them.
    I have(will have) two bags...and i just wonder sometime, is it worth it to spend so much on bags that may not even be in existance if they dont step it up a notch and get their numbers up.
    Nevertheless, i do really LOVE their bags and hopefully all the publicity and the PFer's continuous support will help!
    What are your thoughts?
  2. I will love my bbags forever! If they are closed down or get a lot less popular, I'll be one of the few on the lookout for bbags!
  3. Well I love the bags regardless if they go down or not. I think they would be all the rage if you could no longer buy them anymore. I would hold on to every bag you own before you couldn't get them anymore. That's how I feel!
  4. If they do it will just make our bags that much more special collector-wise. But I know we all just buy them to love them and use them to death! :heart:
  5. I don't know, as I hadn't heard any of this. . .
    I hope I can check them out before they go if they're going!
    I can't find anyone in Dallas that carries them:sad:
    Barney's should but they don't open until some time in Sept.
  6. wow...i never knew this. i wish them the best, though, there seems to be such a loyal fanbase for their bags.
  7. I agree - will still be wearing my bbags regardless if the company is there or not. I love 'em!

    BTW, I just read this online a few days ago...seems that the company is actually doing better than thought and Gucci seems to have a positive outlook on it.
  8. wow, it's the 1st time i've heard anything about that rumor, how sad :crybaby:...but honestly, i don't really care what anyone else thinks about my b-bags...i guess it would be a bummer if i ever needed to sell one & couldn't make my $$$ back...but i'll always :heart: them no matter what & it might even make them more valuable :tender:
  9. Yeah ... I've read this as well, that the Gucci group watches their Profits/Losses very carefully. HOWEVER ... that being said, has anyone else noticed every single fashion magazine extolling the praises of the Balenciaga Fall collection? Mind you, I can't say that I'm a fan of the current collection with it's "bubble" dresses, equestrian looking hats or the stacked-heel booties/shoes ... but the fashionista crowd sure seems to like it!

    As far as the Handbags are concerned, Balenciaga is introducing a number of new styles this fall - the Part Time, Mid Afternoon, Afternoon and my new favorites - the "Padded" Bags (check out for pictures of the new styles).

    In my opinion, Balenciaga has had some resurgence as of late ... I'm not sure that I can say the same of Gucci ... their bags and clothes haven't 'excited' me for some time!

    If Gucci does decide to "pull the plug", better for all of us who love the bags ... I'll be stocking up!!!
  10. i also despise gucci, especially after tom ford left. i don't like their new designers collection :P
  11. I don't hope that they close because I love the bags so much. I don't like theire cloths never have after Cristobal who was a brilliant coutier, died. The most ridiculous IMo are the aviotor bags/cloths.
    But I read also that their figures are getting better so I hope Gucci keeps them I don't like Gucci neither, never have to much of a bimbo brand IMO.
  12. yeah, girls, check out this article :yes:

    Balenciaga turns a profit

    Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has reached profitability two years before its target date. According to WWD the brand, which is owned by Gucci Group, achieved triple-digit sales growth across the board, surpassing all expectations. “We went from being a niche brand to now a future big band,” said the brand's designer Nicolas Ghesquière to WWD. “The whole perception of the brand is changing. Balenciaga is starting to define a new kind of luxury house.”

    Having achieved its target far ahead of schedule, the Gucci Group is now investing more in Balenciaga's growth and development. “This is a business that has the potential to do about €200 million,” Balenciaga chief executive James McArthur told WWD. McArthur is also executive vice president and director of strategy and acquisition for the Gucci Group, and also overseas Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

    McArthur did not disclose sales figures. Gucci Group parent PPR is due to report its 2005 earnings on 9 March. However, he did emphasize that the triple-digit growth applied to all categories, including ready-to-wear. Balenciaga's sales volume is believed to exceed €60 million, more than triple its revenue in 2001 when it was bought by Gucci Group.
    28 February 2006
  13. I can't imagine that someone else wouldn't buy them and try to do a turnaround if it came to that. Especially now, with all the attention on Cristobal Balenciaga as a historical figure in fashion. And Ghesquierre has his own fan base.
  14. I'm confused :weird:. I thought they were doing quite well...? They're getting more exposure now than ever. There was a 2 page article about Balenciaga in People Magazine last month, and there's a bit on them in Vogue this month. Nicole Kidman just had a Balenciaga wedding - her dress and all the bridal party was done in Balenciaga:wtf: .

    I'm confused by how you say that most high end stores don't carry them. Neiman Marcus and Barneys both carry them - some Nordstroms do, as well as Saks I believe. Not the mention the actual Balenciaga boutique in Manhattan. Maybe it's just because I live in NY and Bbags are available at a plentitude of stores, but I just don't agree with much of your post:shame: . Maybe this is a geographical occurance? I went to the Hamptons this year, and EVERYONE had a Balenciaga bag. :nuts:

    Is this a fact? I know all the stores near me are almost always sold out. Some stores still have waiting lists. My SA at Neiman Marcus told me they've been the hottest selling bag for the past 2 years, that and the paddington last year:shame: .
  15. Me too ... I will love my nice bbag-collection forever :heart:, regardless if they are closed down or get a lot less popular:yes:. I don't like Gucci anymore since Tom Ford is gone :yucky::throwup: