The end of the year roundup! What MJs did you buy in 2007?

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  1. Since everyone is doing so well with the sales this year, I'd like to hear what you've been able to get your hands on.

    Come on, fess up!! I want to know!!:graucho:
    And don't forget to post pics when possible!
    :drool: :drool:

    As for myself... well... once I get my grubby paws on all my bags, I'll post my list....:rolleyes:
  2. 0. I don't own a single Marc Jacobs bag. It's so sad...

    Well, I did ask my *favorite* aunt for a special edition MJ tote (in Savannah or Debbie Harry/Blondie) because she lives in NYC. Hopefully, she got me one for Christmas.
  3. My list is embarrassingly long!! :shame: Maybe I'll post them once all my bags arrive...
  4. Well I started off the year in Jan with my large MP in Ferrari Red and then a ZC in Topaz in Feb. I ended the year a week and a half ago with FINALLY getting a Blake (a quilted one) in Almond. I have to remember to bring the good camera from work home to finally post pictures of the Blake.
  5. I'm a total newbie here but just got 2 MJ in the past month.

    1) Zip clutch in Bordeaux (thanks to the original poster for the 20% off at Already got this and it's beautiful.

    2) Venetia in Black (thanks to original poster for the Nordstrom sale alert). Waiting to pick it up at Nordstrom next week. Until I get it in my hand, I still cannot believe that I got this bag. It's my dream bag.
  6. For the whole year? I'm not sure I can remember that far back. LOL! I will do my best to compile a list/pics soon. I have 2 bags I'm waiting on right now so pics may not come until next week.
  7. sophia in emerald off of ebay.. and that's it as far as bags! mostly because i was in grad school until may and pretty broke!
  8. A black and bordeaux zip clutch!
  9. A silver venetia, a blake in aquamarine, and a black zip clutch. Now I got a new black venetia coming next week from Nordstroms to go with my ZC!!
  10. Dare I 'fess up? Hee hee! I'm so bad about taking pics, though. Here they are:

    -Hudson, chestnut
    -Blake, aquamarine
    -Lola, teal
    -Venetia, berry
    -Blake, bordeaux (I can't decide whether to keep it, esp since I have 2 other Blakes!)
  11. A berry Venetia and a black Trish.
    Now that I think about it, I better hit the Nordie's sale to get some more bags!!!:P
  12. i'm a fairly recent victim of the purse bug, so 99% of my mj bags were acquired this year:

    stone stella
    indigo blake
    black venetia with silver hardware
    grey quilted zc
    bordeaux zc
    chestnut striping bowler
    grey e/w mix quilted tote
    bordeaux mbmj dr. q groovee

    right now, i'm trying to resist buying the teal alyona from the nordstrom sale, but i'm losing miserably.
  13. :yes: I can't remember what I got this year.
  14. ^^I'm a relatively new MJ addict as well. A huge chunk of my MJ collection was also acquired this year. I also sold a few and gave one away to my Mom. :love:

    Anyway, here's what I got this year...eek!

    1. Bordeaux Christy (on pre-sale with Nordstrom)
    2. Silver Camilla
    3. Apple Green Mia Satchel
    4. Pomegranate Small MP
    5. White Deborah
    6. Oatmeal Quilted Drawstring
    7. Whiskey Brigitte
    8. Cherry Blossom Small MP
    9. Ursula Patent Black Bowler
    10. Selma Tote in Pale Mint
    11. Banana Hobo in Black
    12. Elise in Sweet Pea

    Whew! :sweatdrop: