The end of the quote window go hiding under the keyboard, etc

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  1. Hi,

    I like the look of the new app, but there're something about it that are very frustrating.

    1. When I quote, the 1/5 part of the window will be behind the keyboard. I have to go hide the keyboard to move the curser and when I type, the keyboard will come up and block the window again. It's frustrating that I can't see what I'm typing or are there any typo.

    2. Gone is the page jumping option with the tracking on which page is already read. Please bring it back. :sad: It's very useful for me or people who often want to reply or participate in the thread that moves fast. I can go back on reading after I reply to some quote on the thread and it automatically take me to the end if the thread.

    3. As I'm typing this, I notice your window won't move my message up so, I'm typing this blindsided. Please ignore if you find any typo.

    I'd love to participate in the thread here, but the latest developments is frustrating and very annoying. Please do some adjustment if you can. :sad:
  2. Just to be more specific, it doesn't happen on iPhone, but happen on iPad. :sad:
  3. Thank you for notifying me of this bug, I've replicated it and asked the devs to fix it.

  4. Thank you very much! :smile:

  5. Thank you very much.

    The window message now moves up and roll-able, but the latter part of the window still buried under the keyboard so a couple lines of the message still can't be seen. (This is for iPad. It works perfectly on iPhone.)

    Could you please bring back the "go to page... " function with the unread tracking that we used to have? The one that we get when we tap at the black bar on top of the app. It's a very useful function. (For both iPhone and iPad)

  6. Same problem here. I cannot see what I am typing. I was trying to respond to the thread about the law K of stickies and new disorganized appearance but I can't see anything! Current screenshot:
  7. The TPF apps are not developed by us, so I am at the mercy of the app provider. The bug has been reported weeks ago, yet there's no update in sight. I recommend using our website version that's optimized for mobile. :idea:
  8. Vlad I almost feel guilty for posting here - don't want to be complaining! I love love loooove TPF and everything you and Megs and all the mods do and I much prefer to compliment, not complain!!!

    I'm just wondering whether you have any data on how many of us access TPF through the app as opposed to the computer. I am almost never sitting at a computer (unless I am updating DSs website, so I am definitely familiar with viewing glitches on the computer vs a device) and would use TPF a lot less if it was computer-only. I spend most of my days running around with DS and then waiting, so I'm here throughout the day and as long as I have my iPad, I'm good (in fact, day-bag purchases are influenced by whether the iPad fits). Just wondering!
  9. Ya we have stats, it's many less on the app! Majority is still desktop or mobile, not app.

    But have you tried going to your browser on your iPad and accessing the site that way? The app really gives all of us a hard time, me and Vlad included, but if I go to safari and login to the forum there, I have the capability to use all the new features. Try that and see how it works for you!
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  10. I'm trying the computer right now, but it seems even less organized. My home page there has my subscribed forums in some sort of "artistic" block arrangement and for the life of me I cannot find my subscribed threads.
    So we've got:
    Weird block arrangement of forums I have subscribed to
    A little something about editing that list of forums
    Two columns of threads I have not subscribed to
    Another advertisement

    On the computer, where would I find my subscribed threads? The app is so much easier to browse, because all I see are first my subscribed forums and then my subscribed threads.
  11. Hi, the watched forums/threads are at the top and more detailed in the forums view (pic below),