The End of the Monogram Luco?????

  1. Hi All!!

    New to this forum, but definitely not to LV. Called my local LV store tonight with the hope of ordering my next bag....The Luco. Only to my dismay, was I informed that it is sold out nation wide!!!!!

    Does anyone know any details of this or if it's coming back???

    Please Help!!! I am heartbroken.:crybaby:

  2. Didn't it recently get d/c'd? Try calling 866 tomorrow. I'm sure there are 3-4 left in the country? :shrugs:
  3. ive never heard of it before... do you have any pictures? :smile:
  4. Luco:

  5. Here is the most current pic i can find of the bag. I was with my friend when she purchased her luco and have loved it ever since.
  6. It's been discontinued awhile back in 2006.
  7. Discontinued??? Really??? I spoke with Neimans tonight and my SA said they were still available but sold out. Then I called LV and they said sold out, but may come back with modifications. Oh this is depressing.

  8. y'know, i was going to suggest the same thing!

    the thread is titled luco sucks. check it out!
  9. I see you're from the Houston.... have you tried calling the main boutique?
  10. Yep, it has been discontinued- but you could try the Vavin Gm, which is essentially the same but not as long, or the Cabas Mezzo, which is about the same size but less structured. Of course, if you really loved the bag, you could always find one on eBay.
  11. Yes I called LV at the Galleria. The SA told me to try back in a month or so to see if they were going to be bringing the bag back, discontinuing it or bringing it back modified. She said that they did not have any details about it at this time
  12. Btw, I only learnt that the Luco was discontinued when I chanced upon this thread! I've only seen 2 persons IRL wearing it!