the end of my bbags...

  1. I am done!!! I swear it this time. I have bought my last and final bbag to round out my collection..... see link. I love this seller, I bought my Work from her too. Excellent condition and a great price. highly recommended.

    But alas, I am going on vacation this summer, graduate next spring, and it's off into the real world. Which means the Bank of Mommy&Daddy will be closing. Which sadly means, NO MORE bbags. So now I must attempt to fluff the savings account in preparation for Graduate School tuition, a home, and car. :wtf: ( I know it's a year away, but NOW is the time to start saving)

    I will definitely check back in ALL the time, but NO MORE BUYING. I am now on an eternal purse ban, or at least til I'm well established. thanks for listening and thanks for all the support.

    p.s. if anyone sees me hinting at buying a bbag... slap me immediately.

  2. All the best to you!!!!!
  3. tara that such great thinking, its always best to save ahead :smile: goodluck!
  4. You have a great collection and it's nice to be satisfied, isn't it? Best of luck in the upcoming year but don't disappear from the forum!!:smile:
  5. congrats on the decision! i too should really start acting my age and grow up! :p
  6. I'm envious of your resolve. You have some really great bags -- good decision!
    Check in here once in awhile, but be careful, it makes it tough. I've been done several times, but then there's just a little selling here and buying there ....
    Enjoy your great collection!
  7. Congrats on your purchase and your great forward thinking! Visit us often!
  8. I wish you the best!And don't be sad,you'll appreciate all your bags.You have a great collection,you will enjoy her more and more!I'm sure your familly won't let you a year without any your next bag will be more than coveted.
  9. Congrats for your new bag, I wish you all the best :biggrin:
  10. Love your collection - it is well thought out! Good luck on all of your goals. You sound like an incredible young woman, and I'm sure your parents are so proud of you!
  11. Well, at least you're going out with a bang- that Twiggy is gorgeous!
    And don't takes a bit to form the habit of not buying, but once you do, it won't be as hard as you think:yes:
  12. Tara - the twiggy is gorgeous....and glad that u have finally find all ur bbags and i hope i can be like u and stop me from buying.....sigh
  13. Tara, I think you are being very smart to start saving for your near future! CONGRATS on the new twiggy and make sure to come by and visit sometime...even though I know coming back will be hard not to want to buy something!:p GOOD LCUK!
  14. Dear Tara :heart: CONGRATS on your purchase, this bag is GORGEOUS :flowers: :love: !!
    My best wishes for the future - I admire your decision, good girl :yes: :sweatdrop:
  15. Best of luck to you :heart: and congrats on your last purchase.:p