The END of a long search ... got my turq HG TODAY :-)

  1. Just a day before my birthday my dream cames true ... isn't this is a perfect timing :yahoo: my long search has ended ! I'm so happy, excited and grateful - I only found her finally with help from a lovely PFer (thanks a million 'T') and with the support from so many lovely, helpful and patient PF-friends :tender:- THANK YOU ALL so much :love: ! And her she is ... miss '05 TURQUOISE work: (photos made this evening when I came home from work - with a little bit of evening-sun)




    DSC00643.JPG DSC00645.JPG DSC00647.JPG DSC00650.JPG
  2. Whow:drool: I am so happy for you what a lovely turquoise:tup:!
  3. it's gorgeous and the condition is fab!
    congrats and happy birthday in advance too!
  4. YEAH! Happy early B'Day!!!! Your Turq. Work is AWESOME!
  5. :yahoo:YIPPEEEE!!!:yahoo: I'm so happy for you!!!! It is the most gorgeous bag and it looks the best on you!!!! :heart:

    :dothewave:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :party: OMG~ you and my son Zach have the same bday!!!!:heart:
  6. congrats on finding your HG! you look stunning. happy birthday to you and celebrate it well.
  7. OMG! :nuts: I am totally speechless!! You know that doesn't happen much!! STUNNING with a capital S!!!! Congrats!!!!
  8. happy birthday and congratulations!! gorgeous as always :smile:
  9. Wooohooooo!!!!
    :wlae: It is gorgeous and you wear it sooo well :wlae:

  10. Awww thank you so much for the warm comments and congratulations - it means so much to me :shame::heart:

    Thank you catcat, Benzie, Ellimay and my dear friend 'L' zac.... (YES, I remember it is Zach's birthday too - I wish him all the BEST and lots of sweet gifts to his bd tomorrow, I'm thinking on him with big hugs :tender:!!)
  11. Congrats sweetie:nuts: You look fab as usual and the turquoise just completes the whole outfit:love: Happy Birthday!
  12. I'm overwhelmed :nuts: THANK YOU soooooooo much - just THANK YOU :heart:

    robotdoll, Purse-Ooooh, pluiee and dear 'D' hmwe46 :love:

  13. Awwwwww thank you dear 'F' perce.... - I missed you, you know :yes::heart:
  14. Gorgeous bag, it was well worth the wait. I am so pleased for you. Enjoy her.
  15. cOngrats on your holly grail... the color is very rich and saturated... PERFECT!