The end is near

  1. What is everyone going to do once the collaboration with tokidoki and lesportsac is over? I'm finding the idea really saddening!

    I want to collect all my favourite bags before it is impossible to get them, but I am so poor right now that I can't bring myself to do it. (being in the UK it costs twice as much to get them :[ )

    Is anyone holding off splurging on designs they like incase they are going to reproduce that design? I am tempted to spend the money I dont have on a foresta bag, but if they reproduce them then they will be less expensive :S

  2. I am holding off on splurging, not only because I'm hoping they will reproduce (which isn't confirmed), but because I'm pretty broke too after this collaberation. lol

    Isn't the Euro and Pound worth twice as much than the US dollar anyway? Try eBay, they have lots of Tokidoki's that are selling for below US retail price.
  3. I want to grab my bags in the prints that I want before they really get rare.. but of course - I don't know when/if that'll be ~!
  4. The euro isn't but pound sterling is. Euro is probably about the same as the dollar. but with the shipping and tax I have to pay for being abroad I end up spending way over retail :[ Plus I can only really buy off eBay and they tend to be very expensive, especially from cosmetic.nut and cozy_little_shop. I am still tempted to buy all the cute things I see, though.
  5. Well while Lesportsac and Toki will be ending. There is still the hello kitty and asics colloborations coming yet. So it isn't over yet.
  6. Ah true! I cannot wait for the hello kitty and tokidoki stuff to be on sale, eeeee!
  7. LeSportsac will be dead to me after the collab is over :p
  8. haha I know! I only like the tokidoki LeSportsac, all the rest of their bags seem boring in comparison :tdown:
  9. i hardly knew what lesportsac was until the collaboration came out lol!
  10. ITA!
  11. the title of this thread is so forboding! :death:

    what will happen to this subforum when the collaboration is over??

    i'm snagging as many toki lesport bags as i can right now, because i'm assuming the prices will rise in the near future (to save myself $$ in the long run!). but i'm also getting more into the toki brand in general, and turning my attention toward shirts, hoodies and toys.
  12. I keep thinking that Simone has to see how handbags are the perfect medium for his designs and won't pass up the opportunity to either create his own line or do another collaboration. He would be crazy not to!

    I'm not really excited about Hello Kitty - it's so mass market. But they've also done some high end stuff, so I guess I'll wait and see.
  13. it is a forboding title, but i think it is a horrible thing, its the end of something really great :[

    Maybe this forum will carry on in saying how much cash you can make from selling them to people who found out about the bags a tad too late. or the bags we are lucky to have before they went out of production entirely, who knows. I hope they dont close the forum :/

    I am following your idea and getting them when they come along, especially if it is a good deal! I bought a bag on my credit card today even though I am short on cash, but luckily I do not have to pay for it now anyway and I get money in a few weeks, so i didnt miss out! :okay:
  14. I think lesportsac will notice a decrease in their profits once the collaboration ends. it seems silly to end it when the line continues to be so popular print after print!

    I agree with you, handbags are a perfect medium, I mean it is something that everyone sees and they are useful.

    Hopefully they will decide on another year? maybe that is just wishful thinking.
  15. I'm actually looking forward to a break from all the spending. I need to start saving $$$ again.