The End is Near...Paris Hilton w/ a Kelly bag

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  1. Something bothers me about the stitching...

    Maybe it's vintage.

    (But yes, kat, the end must be very very near.)
  2. Is it real?
  3. I have only seen Kellys like hers in toile and leather. Hers looks like all leather.
  4. The Kelly looks wrong...the Hilton girls have worn fakes before.
  5. i wouldn't worry about it.. im sure, hermes would be more than happy to offer the hilton girls their bags once they inherited the millions of cash and the hilton hotel chains across the globe
  6. Maybe it was made by Hermes especially for her!!
    Kat...the end must be very near...why? why? why?
  7. hum... somehow that Kelly doesn't look real to me, actually the rigid Kelly's stitching on the side is much closer to the edge than hers...
  8. The edges and bottom look off to me. I gleefully think it is fake.
  9. I thought it looked like a fake as soon as I looked at the pic. It looks odd......
  10. Is Paris know for carrying Fakes?
  11. :cursing: Now all we need is for Jessica Simpson to start carrying one!:s
  12. Paris has been known to carry fake LVs, right? This Kelly doesn't look right to me either. :shame:
  13. OH......DEAR.......GOD!!!!! Say it aint so.......:crybaby:

    ...actually that's a vintage bag and I would chuck a lung for one of those babies......
  14. It doesn't look real to me. Also the hardware for the handle looks wrong....