** The Enchanting Eva Club! **

  1. :heart: This is the club for all Eva owners and lovers! Do post more pics.

    I love this beauty, it is so useful and pretty! :heart:

    I am about size 8 or 10, 5'9.

    Shown with vernis french purse and mini pochette accessories as a comparism for size. :flowers:
    eva1.jpg eva2.jpg eva3.jpg eva4.jpg eva5.jpg
  2. You LUCKY girl! How do you have that, already? I am waitlisted...I can't wait!
  3. ^It's released here on 1st Feb. Am quite surprised they release it here before the USA.

    I'm sure you will love it! It's so exciting to wait for a bag!
  4. Here is my humble contribution- eva and me.
  5. ^ Is that you? You are a beautiful girl! Especially with the Eva!
  6. Thanks for compliment! But the truth is, I had my camera very close to me and with the red flash, my imprefection is somewhat even out. In reality, I am not as prefect as the pic. :smile:
  7. I hope to be in this club next month !!!!!
    All your bags look wonderful, ladies !!
  8. Does anyone know when this will be released in north america, specifically Canada? how much does it go for? its soooo cute, you're so lucky !
  9. Count me in. I just got mine today. They released in Hawaii on Feb. 1st also. My SA just FedEx'd it over. I love it. I have the damier sophie and I think I love this just as much. I love the pleats on the sides. :smile:
    I'll post pics later.
  10. Please do! Can't wait to see your EVA too!
  11. More pictures of the Eva in action! I hope this is not an overkill!

    Hermes La Danse du Cheval scarf with ladybird keychain




    Hermes red Lotus twilly


  12. I hope I am going to join EVA club soon...
  13. wow, congrats...
  14. count me in! got mine yesterday! isn't she lovely....:flowers:
    Photo 1.jpg Photo 3.jpg
  15. wow.. isit bigger than the sophie ??