The EMMA shoe. Does anyone like it?


Do you like the Emma wedge heel?

  1. Yes! I <3 it!

  2. I don't care for it, but it's ok

  3. It's hideous

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  1. This is a part of the new fall/winter collection. I always think LV shoes are creative, fashion forward, cool and mostly beautiful and stunning, but with this I think they missed a little.

    do you like the EMMA shoe? And would you wear it?

  2. I don't like it... It's like.. too clumpy on the bottom but really sleek on top. It'd only look nice with a stilleto I think.
  3. :tdown: they probably named it after Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice).
  4. Kinda cross between Mary Jane and Harajuku-ish. Very challenging for the wardrobe!
  5. I love it. Very Tokyo/Harajuku style.

    I would wear it with leggings, but thats me!
  6. hmm... I've never seen this before... I think they're cute! get them!

    Hey, have you seen the new EMMA ANKLE BOOOOOTIES???!!!! Some other ones I like are the Raquel and Ania booties *drools EVERYWHERE* lol :drool:
  7. nope, don't like this at all.. way too clumpy for me..
  8. some of the new shoes are hot (I saw a few today) but I'm not loving these ones
  9. Sorry, but I think that these shoes are a bit frumpy and too chunky. I really like the Raquel ankle boots though.
  10. Don't really like it, it reminds me of the massive Candies mary janes I always wore in 10th grade.
  11. They probably named them after me I'm Emma, haha. I don't like my namesake shoe, its not very cute. LOL.
  12. reminds me of prada......not my style...
  13. Too chunk for my taste, I voted it's okay :smile:
  14. Eeewww! So not for me.