The ELVIRE... do we like it??

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  1. Got a close look at the new collection at Chloe today... and the Elvire certainly stood out as something totally different from everything else! I really like the sturdy leather, the unique design and i think the leather studs are adorable, but I'm not sure if it's really practical as a handbag... What do you girls think??

    PS. I also loved the new Bays!! There's this mini Bay with a shoulder strap :nuts: cute cute cute!!
  2. Interesting bag but I'd have to see it IRL before forking out the cash.:smile:
  3. Funky and strange yet totally endearing all the same! I love the quirkiness. It doesn't look like just any other bag. I won't buy it over the chain Capsule, though. Wait - what am I talking about BUYING anything. HELP!!!
  4. I'm not too crazy about it, but I always have to try it on before making a final descision.
  5. I would have to see it irl. From the pics I'm not too crazy about it....
  6. First impression - nah... I don't like it. But we'll see.
    I had the same first impression when I laid eyes on Chloe paddy!:p But look what has that "I don't like it" done to me now? I love paddy to pieces!:heart::yahoo:I'm a Gemini, meet my paddy-loving-twin!!:wlae:
  7. It looks so....busy. It's got too much going on...not a fan. =\
  8. I bought this bag in black and I really like it. It's a bit edgier than the paddington, which I like. The leather is gorgeous IMO. I am on business in NJ right now but will post pics when I get home to CA next week.

    Long story which I'll try to keep short, I had gris-vert that was defective and then destroyed when sent out by the Chloe store for repair. I was devasted to say the least. I was offered a credit but did not see anything at the time that really wowed me. I love paddy's but really prefer the silver hardware to the brass and there wasn't any thing else available that I really wanted.

    At the time, I got to look at the sketches and pics for A/W 07. I am not a fan of the Bay and the only bags that really captured my eye were the elvire and the paddington capsule. I also really liked the grey color of my paddy and was not too crazy about the swatches I saw. I went to SCP 2 weeks ago and the elvire was there in black. I really liked it but I'm holding out to use it until the elephant color comes in as I may exchange it. The swatch looked more grey than the paddy capsule and regular paddy in this color. The elephant is up on lvr but still tough to tell. IMO it looks more tan which I don't need right now.

    Stay tuned for pics...
  9. Note sure, need to see IRL.
  10. Would like to see IRL, Chloe bags are interesting.....when I think "I would never want that one"......I end up buying it!! This one is definitely a different look.
  11. I think it looks great. I love the pocket details.
  12. I like it! Lots of intricate details!
  13. not quite sure whether I like her...but didn't like the edith and now have a few!!!! She grew on me and now I love her!
  14. I think I'll really like this bag....OH NO I AM SCREWED!!!
  15. would like to see more pics of it....but right now, it doesn't look too attractive.