The elusive purse peace

  1. Some says it is achievable, and I am here to tell you my fellow purse addicts that I am not sure if that is true . But what I can tell you is that I am thoroughly pleased and content with my current Louis Vuitton handbag collection, of course I have other bags from other designers that I would love to have. But as it currently sits, I am absolutely thrilled with my bags from LV, I would repurchase every one and I don’t have an ounce of regret buying any of them.

    Are you at purse peace, are you close? Share your current collection and what you hope to add soon. I love talking handbags.
  2. I'm obviously very hard to please because going on 25 years and I'm still not there!
  3. Nope. And I don't see it ever happening. Purses are my addiction.
  4. Purses are my vice too, I can’t believe after 3 years of collecting I still get butterflies when I see a bag that I love. And the obsession that takes over when I decide I want it.
  5. I definitely am ,got a purse for every occasion and I think going to stop for quite a while .
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  6. Louis wise, I'll be at purse peace when I purchase an Alma BB in DE, then I'll have my three favorite Louis bags: the Neverfull GM, Speedy B 35, and the Alma BB all in the Damier Ebene print
  7. I've had purse peace for maybe 3 months and then it goes away. It wasn't that great of a feeling tbh.
  8. This is my entire LV collection, minus Artsy DA. Have been admiring for over ten years, and collecting for a little less (first LV purchased in 2006, Speedy 30 DA). Hard to believe, but I treated myself for my eighteenth birthday after lusting over the Speedy for around three years -- the hard to believe part was that it was * on sale *. Can you imagine ?! At that time LV did public sales !! I remember walking into the upscale mall with the web price in my mind (I waited for it to go on sale) and the SA tried to sell to me full price. I had her check and she deemed the sale price and that I was not mistaken. All around it was an amazing feeling. Best $690 ($740 including tax) I ever spent. Can you imagine ? The Speedy 30 is $1,020 now. At eighteen that was a ton of money (not say it's not now). Over the years I only grew to covet LV even more. And it's reached fever pitch. I'm on the site in my spare time, love collecting the books, visiting exhibits, etc. I even stalk social media to adore others' collections. It's honestly NEVER enough. I think I'll be obsessed until I die. Can I get a quatrefoil on my tombstone ?? :coolio: From that initial Speedy, I told myself I would make sure I made enough money each year to be able to treat myself to one new LV per birthday. The highlights of my collection so far are the Alma PM Multicolore I treated myself to for my twenty-fifth. And more recently my Melie Empreinte Noir that I'm keeping fresh and unused until I'm offically thirty (in a couple months) -- yikes. Some years I've splurged and treated myself to more than one, and some years I went pre-loved since I had my heart set on retired styles. Any which way, I love every piece I own and can't fathom selling any of them. Last year I was in the right place at the right time, and on my way out of the mall I spotted a SA putting a brand new Neverfull MM Tahitienne in the window display. I absolutely loved that bag but I knew she wasn't for me to keep. It was around the time the collection had officially sold out, so I snagged her with the intent to sell. Doesn't mean on a bad day I didn't take her out and smell her newness (yes I'm obsessed did I mention -- but something about that fresh new smell you can't beat) and feast my eyes on her. Recently sold her, and I do not regret it. Will update in future as I have some pieces on the way. :eek: Just hope UPS arrives when I don't have company or DH isn't home. Hehe. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, hey some people just can't understand it, right ? But I can never have enough !!!!! I dream in Damier !!! Just wish I had snagged a few more multicolores before they disappeared for good. Enjoy :smile:
    xo Jules

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  9. I don’t think purse peace can last much longer than a season. Once the new bags come out and all the new colors we start lusting again.
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  10. You have a beautiful collection, I wish I was brave enough to have DA pieces, I’m so scared I would completely ruin them. I wear tons of denim and just the thought of all the color transfer gives me anxiety . And you are not crazy, just passionate. But then again everyone thinks I’m batty when it comes to my bags maybe I’m not the best person to be dishing out advice.
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  11. I wish I knew what Purse peace feels like. Sometimes my head hurts after all the hard thinking I’m doing about ....which bags to sell? Which bags to keep? Which bag ought I buy if I sell this one or that one? Do I have too many black bags? Too many red/burgundy bags? I don’t have any green/blue bags....I think I need one or two.....

    Right now I am actually LV content (after buying and selling several). I have only these pieces:
    - mon mono Neverfull pm
    - de croisette
    - SLG’s: zipped card holder in Monogram (best SLG ever), mini pochette in de
    - agenda gm in de

    Sometimes I think about buying the Neo Noe in Epi noir. That’s the only one that’s tempting me now. But....then I think I have too many black bags....

    Right now I’m wanting a Fendi peekaboo Essentially. Perfect size. I can’t decide if I should sell my other non-LV’s while I wait for the right color to be released (I want navy). Or should I keep them until navy comes along and then sell them After I buy the Peekaboo? Because who know how long it’ll take for them to release that color right??

    I think about purses wayyyyy too much. I also like to get my deliveries BEFORE my husband gets home. And I open them while he’s in the shower lol.
  12. I don't have enough money to be at purse peace. :lol:
    I'm not sure if I would be content for very long if I did. I'm sure if I bought the things I wanted, eventually there would be something else that came out that I wanted.
  13. Thank you !! Lol I can’t imagine not having DA ! I do not wear tons of jeans nor color transfer type clothing (total yoga pants enthusiast here hehe). When I first started collecting I really wasn’t into MM but have since come to love it - guess it really grew on me. It’s all quite timeless. I have purchased other bags (have a Celine & an Alexander Wang), but nothing does it for me like LV. I’m working on DH for classic flap CC this year for the birthday but he’s not a luxury lover like us. * shrugs * We will see. If he won’t give in for the big CC, I guess I could always “settle” for another LV !! ;)
  14. He must take a nice long shower. Mine is too quick. OR I take too long to unbox. Lol
  15. Hahaha @ your last sentence. I’m kinda grateful that my husband doesn’t really care about me buying bags. I guess that’s because I only buy one or 2 bags per year. I am at LV purse piece, but I want the YSL monogram flap in large with silver hardware and the Givenchy Antigona in size small and color cognac. I also want a chanel bag but the price tags gives me chest pains.. For SLGs I want a DE zippy compact wallet from LV, I want the old discontinued model and they are so hard to find in descent condition at a good price, I also want the chanel o zip cosmetics pouch in black caviar, but again they are so hard to find.
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