The Elusive Dark Brown Glazed Caviar MC Totes *Pics*

  1. My Nordstrom s/a in Seattle sent these photos of the dark brown e/w and n/s MC totes. As you can see, they look black in the pics but are a true dark chocolate IRL according to Denise, my s/a.

    I personally prefer a lighter chocolate over these...

  2. Oh, they're definitely darker than I had expected. Just like the dark navy GST ended up being much darker than I had hoped it would be.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  3. Thanks so much for posting these pics because I was curious too about the color of the brown glazed modern chain bags. I was hoping for a lighter chocolate too. I'm going to NM to see the hobo tomorrow. I hope it's lighter IRL.
  4. Thanks for the pics Roey! :tup: I passed on the dark brown E/W, because IRL, the dark brown was very, very dark, and almost [SIZE=-1]indistinguishable[/SIZE]from the black (well, to me anyway, and my SA agreed)! :p If it'd been more brown, I would've had a hard time deciding, and maybe brought home both in different styles. :nuts:
  5. This season's dark brown and navy are both soooo dark they're indistinguishable from black. I ended up getting neither because they're hard to match.
  6. :tup:And thank goodness for our wallets that we can't distinguish them from black!:yes: I was so happy to see these pics after waiting to make a decision between the n/s MC and dark brown Cerf. Hopefully the new dark brown Cerf won't look almost black too...
  7. Wow, if you didn't say it was brown I would have definitely assumed they were black.

    I really want the MC e/w tote NOW!
  8. They do look black. I love brown, but a bit lighter would be a bit better, more of a milk chocolate brown. Ok, now I want some chocolate :yes:
  9. Stephanie, is this the same leather and color of your Pocket in the City tote?
  10. The color of my Pocket in the City tote is definitely lighter than the dark brown shade in these photos. It doesn't look black at all. The glazed leather itself is very similar. Hope that helps Savannah!

  11. I saw the brown MC yesterday at NM and it was gorgeous. I think the pic is making it out to be a little darker then it is IRL. I just got the N/S in black and I love the shiny caviar.
  12. Very dark and scrumptious! Thanks for posting these pics.
  13. Thanks for your reply!
  14. it is dark but the bag is still very pretty though!
  15. I can see the color brown in this pic really well. I am really loving the straps of this bag. The braid looks so put together. wonderful bag.

    thank you for giving me the opputunity to drool over this bag.