The Elusive Birkin


Jun 14, 2009
So I've been agonizing over buying a birkin for years, and have just decided to take the plunge. And of course I have a few questions :smile:

I asked my local sales associate (after purchasing a cape cod tonneau that I am in love with), how I should go about acquiring a Birkin. She gave me a song and dance that it could take 18 months to get, and even if I order one, it is not guaranteed. Is this true?

Do any of you have a good contact at your hermes store, or I would even consider buying a used bag from a consignment shop, that might have birkins in stock? I am looking for a 35, and am not sure as to what color... thinking gold, but not 100% sold on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

TIA :yahoo: