the ellipse exchange is...BH!

  1. I went back to the Atlanta LV shop yesterday afternoon to exchange the Ellipse PM. My SA, a handsome, impeccably-dressed gentleman named Claude, took a quick peek at the Ellipse to be sure it was still in good condition, and then asked if I'd like to select another bag. He was extremely wonderful and patient while I tried on all sorts of other bags, suggesting items from one end of the shop to another for literally an hour. Finally, it came down to the Trouville vs. Batignolles Horizontal, although the Popincourt Haut (just a bit too structured) and Batignolles Vertical (a bit too deep) were close contenders. I love the BH's soft smooshiness at the edges where the buckled straps are, and it easily fits all my stuff. After a bit of agonizing, I decided that since I already have a Speedy, I should get a shoulder bag instead of another handheld bag, and that the Trouville will still be there later if i decide I can't live without it. It would have been a more difficult decision if Trouville had an alcantara lining, but I digress...

    As Claude was doing the exchange at the register, on the store sound system I heard one of my favorite (but very obscure) songs by a British band that never made it to the US - I only know this song because my fiance is British. You may think I'm silly, but hearing such an unusual song in a sort of mainstream place gave me the feeling that I'd made the right choice. On the way home I played that song again on my iPod, and then decided I should name my new bag after the song. And so, I bring you pictures of Govinda!

    Before I do, though, I have to thank Sirenized for enabling me yesterday with the pics of her gorgeous BH. Well done! :tender:

    As a funny side note, when I got home I showed the bag to my fiance, an engineer and a camping/outdoors type of guy. He took a look at the BH and said "Oh, it has compression straps," and when I explained that I could clip the Cerises Pochette inside it, he said approvingly, "...and it's modular!" I love this man! :heart:
  2. Oh!! Congrats!! The Ellipse is a funny bag long ago, when they first came out I ordered one straight from the NM Christman Catalog (see, a long time ago!) it just wasn't that functonal so off back she went. OK enough of memory lane, great BH hippiechic!!
  3. Glad you found yourself a functional bag.
  4. Congrats! I love the BH! It's my fav LV bag!
  5. Such a gorgeous bag! :love:Congrats! Do you have pics modeling it? :yes:
  6. Congrats, now we're (and half of the LV regulars) are BH twinsies ! ;)
  7. Congratulations ... its gorgeous!

    Can I just ask what was the name of the British Band that was playing?
  8. Gorgeous bag! I saw a woman at the grocery store the other day with one and fell in love (it just looked so stylish and classy sitting in her shopping cart, in a very unassuming way :P ). I don't see many of that style even though there are tons of other LVs around here. After that, I dreamt that I was shopping for one and ever since I've been obsessed with it. No chance I'll be getting one, though, so I love living vicariously through you and seeing your pics, especially with all your stuff inside:yes: .
  9. It is beautiful, I love the BH! I am going to need one of those!!
  10. Great choice!! But, can I ask why you didn't like the ellipse?
  11. Very nice Hippiechic!! - sorry you didn't like the Ellipse.
  12. VERY NICE!!!:love: Enjoy it! Glad you got the bag you really like!:yes:
  13. Sorry the Ellipse didn't work out for you -- it was so cute! You're going to love the BH, though. I've got one and it's the only bag I've carried since I got it about three months ago.

  14. It looks so nice! It is perfect for all your stuff! I am happy you found something else you love!
  15. I love that bag!! I have always liked it, but I just think it would dwarf me (I am 5' 1"). I should just go try it on again when I am looking at mono Lockits next month ;)

    I want to know the name of the band & song too!