The Elisa is no longer on the Coach website!

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  1. Am I dreaming? :crybaby:
  2. aww, i love that bag too :sad:

    Maybe they will bring it back to the site in a little while. You could also call Jax to see if they are going to the outlets!
  3. I am fairly certain they were a legacy boutique exclusive (and thus not orderable online anyway), so if you still wanted to order one maybe the Bleecker St boutique in NY could help you.
  4. you can still order it from the legacy boutique-I know that they had it in saddle last week.
  5. I love that bag! I just found the camel at the outlet about three weeks ago.
  6. I got both the saddle and camel at the outlet recently, I am hoping to score the navy or walnut at the outlet.
  8. That bag is gorgeous - can't believe it's showing up at the outlets!
  9. Oh wow! I will have to double check my outlets...I would love the Camel! I have the walnut one too...isnt it lovely.:tup:
  10. Is the elisa very heavy? I am looking for a good lighter weight shoulder bag. By the way, how much are they at the outlets?
  11. Would love one in every color!!:drool:
  12. It was $344. I don't think it's that heavy but it's not what I would call light weight either. I guess it depends on how much you usually carry.:yes:
  13. I have the walnut. I thing it's a little heavy, but I also load it up.
  14. Definitely not one of my lighter bags, but it is so gorgeous that I don't care. :yes:
  15. Hello everyone,
    Can you please tell me which outlet you were able to find the Elisa Bag. I absolutely love this bag. The last time i saw it was in the store and a customer had it. SHe said she bought it in Hawaii and this was around March of this year.
    I would really appreciate it if you could tell me which Outlet you purchased the Elisa bag.
    Thank you, So MUCH!!!!