The Elephant?

  1. Anyone know what the Elephant cadena comemorates?.....and did I spell this completely wrong?????

    Just bought one and it's coming any day now and I'm clueless.....:shrugs:
  2. D., if I remember correctly, that was for '88, Year of Africa.
  3. i have an elephant belt and i believe it was actually 96 that was the year of africa....that is when i got mine....
  4. I thought Africa was the Lion.....which I'm taking a beating on eBay right now....:hysteric:
  5. The Lion was issued in '97. I'm pretty sure '88 was Year of Africa.
  6. Oh, Shopmom, I think you are bidding against me. I want the lion 'cause it is the year of my son's birth.

    I just bought the Elephant & the SA said that it was 1988.
  7. Hmm, is 1997 Year of Africa, too? I know 1996 is Year of Music.
  8. Thanks, 24! Year of Africa makes the Elephant special to me since we're headed off there next year....ok. I don't feel so bad letting the Lion go then.......
  9. OH NO, Sus!!!!! go, girl! That baby has your name written all over it......I'm happy as a clam with my Elephant!!!!
  10. Thanks Shopmom. Africa is fabulous -- where are you going?
  11. South Africa somewhere but it's just in the beginning stages right now. We've got a lot of planning to do yet because we're going to try to wrap it into a visit to Paris too for my 50th! Heehee.....I've got Paris all figured out.....not much yet on SA though......
  12. ^^^^ So very thrilling Shopmom!...I love the elephant!:love: .
  13. This Japanese Mag I'm reading states that the Elephant Cadena was for the year 1988.

    Lion was for 1997. No details on what it commemorates though
  14. I guess elephants are exotic.