The Edith's New Clothes

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  1. i promise - it's not sour grapes cause i was too slow on the uptake to get myself on a list; but i personally think the EDITH does not look that unusual or special. i'm not sure what all the fuss is about. it doesn't even look like the swell chloe leather. there is a company called il bisonte that had a moment years ago and it reminds me of those...does anyone else agree?
  2. I'm always happy when an "it" bag leaves me cold. Certainly saves a lot of money! Edith is a really basic looking bag- i think that's part of her appeal for many buyers. There have been a lot of over designed bags lately (the fendi B bag makes me dizzy), so I think people might be grooving on the simple lines.

    I googled il bisonte- very pretty simple bags. If I had some common sense, I'd save a bit of $$ and pick one up instead of edith. sadly, I'm a bit wrapped up in the whole "stalking the bag" drama- i've gotta have an edith. silly, i know. but I do love a luxurious bag.
  3. I agree, but I do need to audition this bag IRL. A handbag obsessed online friend of mine wasn't keen on Edith either but was sent one completely by accident when LVR forgot to cancel her order. And lo and behold, she is in love. I completely trust her judgement when it comes to bags so for that very reason, I gotta have an Edith too! At least for a day!!
  4. ^^that's so me too! I need to see it with my own eyes and hold it with my own little paws!
    I also agree that what is nice about it is it's simplicity! No padlock, chains, grommets, etc. It's a classic simple bag.
  5. You can say that again! I'm so broke and glad I haven't been suckered by the Edith or I'd be worse off than I am already! :Push:

    No offence to anyone who owns one, but I despise the Fendi B bags!! :sick:
  6. I'm with you on the Fendi, kiptrip. Also, the Edith has yet to wow me. I think I could like it more if the handles were long enough for a shoulder bag.
  7. i agree about the Fendi B. i loved it in the photos and IRL it leaves me cold..and i'm usually not a bells and whistle person in bags. i like simple lines, but interesting colors. i just broke down and gave into the paddy as i thought it was too much for a long time. but, the edith just looks like a briefcase to me.
    my fav bag at the moment is a fendi bag du jour...a totally overlooked bag, that is simple and so functional with great leather and serves the purpose of edith, work and purses combo.
  8. ^^Speaking of "Simple lines" i'm also in love with the yls "muse". Maybe if I don't get my whiskey?
  9. I had a preorder that I cancelled. To me it looks like an expensive laptop bag. I'm going to wait and see what Chloe comes up with for FW06.
  10. thats my next bag!! in white...just got my name on the list for the last one coming into BG