The Ebay Rant Thread

  1. I thought we could left off a little Ebay heat here...

    Don't you love it when you have a Buy It Now and somebody emails you with a ridiculously low offer? Like, less than half of what you're asking for? And then they up their offers by $25 increments even after you've replied that you are not entertaining offers? "
  2. oh annie that sucks :Push:........ebay has totally been turning me off lately it just seems like more of a hassle than its many sketchy buyers/sellers (i know there are great ones too but they seem harder and harder to come by)..........hopefully ur bag sells soon so u don't have to deal with that person anymore..... :sad:
  3. haha! I just think it's really funny... I mean, seriously?!?! Are you really upping your offer by $25 every few minutes after I already told you there's no way I'm going to sell you a bag for like $300?! It gave me a chuckle at least.
  4. Ebay has been turning me off too. It is unbelievable how many dishonest people are out there. I just had the strangest experience. I had put in a bid on a Spy bag, I thought it was real and then some lady from Puerto Rico writes me and the seller and tells me it is fake. Luckily the seller was honest and ended the auction. I ended up buying a Spy bag from one of the girls here.
    I hope the purse market on this forum continues to grow. It would be nice to have somewhere to go and at least feel like you have a good chance at buying something authentic.
  5. Maybe the buyer is from Asia LOL they bargain over there and she's doing it to you! Too bad she can't walk away from an ebay deal cuz she'd do it! We do that in real life in the middle of the bargain... then the dude comes running after you to accept your offer LOL
  6. Sorry to hear that, A. It's still better than someone writing a nasty email to you telling you that your authentic item is fake! And then loads of unregistered people sending you emails via "ask the seller question" to advertise their counterfeit products (I reported them to ebay already). I must say I am a little tramatised by the experience now, I will stay away from it for a while. Good luck with yours.
  7. AHHHHHH!!! I am always scared of this happening. How are you handling it?
  8. ohmygod. when i put my hologram spy up, BIN was 1999, and i was getting offers for 1000. UM hello??? i'm sorry but that's in INSULT. oh the things i wanted to tell these people.

    well anyway, someone from the forum offered and i accepted and i haven't heard from her, sadly i think she won't pay up and i'll have to relist and eat a ton of ebay fees. this whole selling thing is turning me off. i've had such bad luck on ebay it's not even funny. and now here...
  9. seriously! thats freaky!! i've only had good experiences from eBay over the years... but I dont buy that much anymore- just sell, and usually just necklaces (last summer's tuition raising project) or things from my closet.
  10. I agree, that e-bay is becoming much more hassle and headache that it is worth. Slowly but surely Im swearing off of that sight. Just yesterday I tried listing my LV looping, when a note popped up and said that I could be suspended for listing a fake! URRR! I will NEVER sell again there. I was already suspended a couple of years ago for selling auth. items they said were fakes. I give!
  11. I love when you put a reserve, tell what the reserve is, and people still bid under the reserve..... people amaze me.
  12. As someone who is looking to expand her bag collection over the summer, I agree 110%! :biggrin:

    I still buy the odd cheap thing here and there on e-Bay, like an old landline phone etc but I would be very reluctant to spend a three-figure sum there any more, let alone £1,000 or more. :sad:

  13. Ebay=Crap
    I swear it is easier to either hold on to something you don't use very much, or pay double at a reputable retail establishment than to deal with the headache that is ebay. Sorry to all that are having troubles!
  14. I sometimes hate ebay because I hate it as well when the offers are ridiculous low e.g. I put up a LV pa extension/keychain and somebody ask me if he could have it for 30$. That pisses me off because it's almost new and it costs ca. 85$. Or if you sell an authentic LV and those Chinese fakers write you with the offer that they can provide you with tons of fake bags and that you'll make a fortune with them. Just grrr!!
  15. I have been very fortunate. Almost all of my Ebay experiences have been good, both buying and selling (Maybe I'm due!! :P) One thing I do is really try not to take things seriously, like low-ball offers and such. There's no sense in my getting upset and spending time thinking about it. It can be difficult, but it's not like being insulted by a friend.

    My funniest experience - I bought a pair of Ferragamo shoes, and it ended up being Cynthia Ferragamo!!!! :lol: The seller issued a refund and was nice enough, but the whole thing was bizarre.