The ebay Ramonas

  1. When I first spied the Ramona, my heart went pitter-patter. I don't know what it is about this bag that makes me want to say "hello beautiful!" but it speaks to my heart.

    However, I'm just not the kind of girl that plunks down $2K for a bag. $500, that is one thing... but 2K.

    So I have been scouring for sales, deals and baragains. There are a couple of Ramonas going on eBay at any given time, but I am always gunshy because I cannot tell just by looking at the pics if it is a fake!

    In some of the eBay sales, the Ramonas have gold accents, but the ones that I have seen in the store are silver (for the black bag). Is this is a sign that it's fake?

    Also, there is a seller who has different url addresses (but all the pages look the same)... is this a legit seller?

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    Or am I just kidding myself? Is it really possible to get a Ramona for under $1K?

    Here are some of the eBay listings (there are more)... your thoughts are ever appreciated!

    HELP ME TO REALIZE MY DREAM!!!!!! :wlae:

    eBay: Jimmy Choo Ramona Bag (item 190070591847 end time Jan-12-07 10:59:04 PST)

    eBay: 100% Genuine New Jimmy Choo black leather Ramona bag (item 200067660051 end time Jan-18-07 11:30:00 PST)
  2. The first eBay bag is an obvious fake - you can tell the leather is not high quality Jimmy Choo leather. The second I am not sure and couldn't say one way or the other.
  3. Don't buy a bag from websites like that one you posted. Only get them from authorized sites like NM, Saks, LVR, NAP...

    I have seen the Ramona on sale but the lowest price was about $1100. I think has/had them on sale too.

    I doubt you'll find an authentic one on ebay new or used for under $1000.

    The first one on ebay you posted looks fake, the second is possibly authentic. I'd ask what the reserve is and for more photos.
  4. The first AND second Ramona's are fake. The third is authentic (but it's nearly $1,000... you get a real one from the department store for $1,100 on sale).

    I found the thread below to be EXTREMELY helpful when looking for Ramona's on eBay. Eventually, I ended up buying one from Nordstrom.

    The inside lining is the dead giveaway between the real and the fakes:

    Good Luck!
  5. I own a Ramona, and I'm pretty familiar with them. Every one I have ever seen in stores or IRL has the same color hardware--gold. It's not a yellow, brassy color, but a somewhat lighter gold that doesn't compete too much with my silver jewelry.

    Regular leather Ramonas are $1,850, and my patent leather one was $1,650. They've been out for a while now--since late 2005/early 2006--but I doubt you can find an authentic one on eBay for under $1,000, because they are still so popular.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback ladies, and for referencing the prior thread.

    This may be a stupid question, but where would I find this bag on sale for 1100? I haven't seen that yet in my searches.

    - arm candy
  7. arm candy, I have not seen the Ramona on sale, certainly on the Jimmy Choo site, it is sold out at full price. If you cant bring yourself to pay retail, and are checking ebay, just do the obvious and only buy one that comes with the original receipt and proof of authenticity :smile:
  8. Me either. I have never seen Ramonas on sale anywhere.
  9. You may be able to get the Riki (totally similar style to the Ramona but a bit smaller but still a good size), for a bit less. I'm not sure what the retail price of the Riki is; I'm sure it's still quite pricey, but less than the Ramona. Maybe some other board members would know.
  10. I think that second one is real! but no expert by any stretch
  11. Ramonas on Ebay= bad idea. Rarely see a real one. Check the seller Portero for one though. Sometimes they get very slightly used patent ones and they are always, always, always, 100% authentic.
  12. I just bought a ramona from ebay and I was told it may be a fake!!! I always wanted one and thought this was the real thing. SO sad! I would love some input to authenticate it please! I don't know how to do the link but the item number is 330120370604. Thanks so much!
  13. I guess I'm the only person with a successful eBay Ramona story...but I think it's only because I owned the same one that I purchased (too long of a story). I think if you familiarize yourself with the totes, you can score an amazing deal on eBay. I purchased a khaki Ramona for about $1000. I think it would be best to go with something that it not black or navy since those tend to be the most popularly faked colors. I think you should also expect to pay closer to $1000 or more for an authentic one on eBay.

    Good luck!
  14. mld31 -
    Are you sure yours is fake?:confused1: did you take it to JC?

    I spent some time comparing my Ramona to 330120370604 and don't see how the font looks different? It looks like mine which came from the JC boutique in Beverly Hills and also the engraving on the metal closure looks like mine to?

    I'd like to learn more ... what are the other indications its fake?
  15. hey stay far away Topmodeapurses. period. i don't ever trust anyone selling anything to me with a restocking policy. that is just a rip-off all around. the bags there look fakie...