The eBay Fairy Lives on my Shoulder - and a Question

  1. I got a great deal on Coach boots this week:

    Well...I just got another great deal - new Clay Gigi for $222.50!

    Now I know that people say that the scratches blend in - this one was from a Nordie's sale so it's got scratches from being on the table. Anyone else have a clay bag that they've carried for a while they can show me?
  2. WOOHOO... that is a fab deal!

    I saw a Clay Ali at the outlets last week, but I hadn't seen another and that bag looked pretty abused (scratch-wise) but it was nice!
  3. I too have seen the clay bag at two different outlets and both were pretty "beat" up!:boxing: I wouldn't have purchased either of them.
  4. Well I know it's beat up, but I hear that the scratches blend in after a while. Besides, I'm not the most "polished" person in the world, so my bags shouldn't look perfect either! :upsidedown:
  5. I really debated about getting the Clay shoulder flap when it deleted from our store but the bags on the floor were SO beat up. I tried to think of some way to fix it but nothing that I used in the store would even touch the scratches. I've had a lot of luck with my british tan and some other bags I have, being able to get out scratches or other marks but that clay showed every little scratch and it wouldn't rub off or get lighter with moisturizer. I finally passed because I couldn't deal with the way it would look eventually or how very careful I would have to be with it.
  6. Well, since you got such a great deal it might be a lot easier to deal with the marks than if you paid full price! I didn't ever take any of it home to see if something else would work on it and I was afraid to try too much on the bags at the store since they didn't belong to me.
  7. I too have only seen really scratched up ones at the stores and outlets.. hopefully someone here can have some advice! :tup:
  8. I have a clay gigi waiting under the tree for me, and I am anxious to use her. I am not at all rough with my lets hope I have some luck.
  9. I am just wondering if these bags start to patina like many others do...well, I got for only 34% of the retail price, so no big deal if it's scratched. I'm hard on my bags anyways!