"The Ebay Effect" on CNBC now

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  1. There is a show on CNBC right now called "The Ebay Effect" and it's talking about what ebay is doing to try and prevent fraud on it's site.

    Really interesting program.:flowers:
  2. Durn! I would have liked to have seen that (since it seems to most of us here that eBay isn't doing anything but MAKING MONEY!!!).
  3. i read a report that said Lv and other companies were sueing Ebay b/c they weren't doing enough to prevent fakes from being sold!
  4. I would have liked to see this too! :sad: Did anybody watch it and remember anything interesting from it?
  5. Analysts worry that the case could do a potential harm to eBay. However, a Federal Court has ruled that eBay can't be held responsible for copyright-protected products that are sold in their site, as long as the website removes the goods aptly when found!
  6. That ebay effect show is a rerun and is about a year old.
  7. Please, they obviously haven't been watching the GUCCI auctions -some scammer has been selling FAKES for less than $75 and then charging a high shipping charge of $40 - or something like that, you'd think eBay would catch on and STOP these people when they have at least 25 auctions in a roll -one right after another!! Dah!!!!

  8. Yeah! That sounds good but ebay get rid of me too....A Honest seller with all authentic items :crybaby:
  9. Yeah, I feel for you. I am on the same boat. :crybaby:
  10. gosh, i'm sorry, i'm just waiting for them to ban me too:hysteric:...make room in that boat for me gals, i'm sure my days are numbered!!!
  11. I wouldn't say that. Hopefully you will have better luck than myself. Good luck!
  12. That's funny....I recently reported a fake MJ venetia that was listed on ebay and I kept watching the auction just to see what would happen....

    It sold for $405 to +$15 shipping...

    yes, really sounds like they're trying to prevent fraud