The easiest brand to recognize is...

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  1. ...LV?

    Just trying to figure out what catches the most views, most easily. I don't think I'm far off then I think the Monogram Canvas is the most popular line of bags in the world...
  2. LV is pretty recognizable. I think Juicy purses scream juicy, but that's because half their stuff has their name on it... Le Sport Sacs are usually distinctive too.
  3. Coach, Gucci, and Fendi's logo bags are pretty easy to recognize too.
  4. I remember when I was 18 years old working at a dept store and every so often I would see a LV Monogram bag, but I didn't know what they were and thought they were the UGLIEST things I had ever seen. I thought Coach was the hotness and I could barely afford it on my salary there. Then a few years down the road I grew accustomed to the LV Monogram and now I'm addicted.
  5. I agree with Vlad, LV is like Coke .... However I think Gucci is up there too!
  6. LV then Coach
  7. When I was 16 I lost my wallet. My mum gave me one of her 'older ones',she didn't use anymore to replace it. It was an LV mono.The whole time I was thinking, omg, this is that ugly print, most 'elder women' have (a.o. my mum).After a few days I bought a new one and put the LV somewhere...(it got lost somehow).
    4 years later, I was completely hooked on the monogram, and still am!
  8. LV for sure.

    Coach and Prada too.
  9. Definitely LV and Gucci...and Chanel.
  10. Yes, definitely LV. When I was little I had the mini sac (is that what it's called?) that looks like a mini speedy in the mono canvas. I also had the across the body bag (the st. cloud?). They were gifts from my g-parents, and I thought they were terribly ugly. Of course they're gone now, and I'm crazy for LV. Big mistake.
  11. Gotta be LV
  12. LV for sure!
  13. I agree, LV! :lol:
  14. definitely LV!!!!

  15. Totally agree, its LV for sure!