The Eagle Has Landed! Whale Cabas Arrived!!!!

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  1. Ladies! Its here LOLOLOL :roflmfao:
    today I came home from work and sitting in our front hall was a box! My poor husband actually thought I had surprised him with a giant tv set...but noooo, in it was the silver creature I ordered................the one! the one! THE one!!!! :hysteric: but you'll never believe this: for some reason, it did not repel me as much as it did in the store,,,it hangs down and slouches more that the one I checked out yesterday did..........................maybe it got softer in transit from the San Diego NM, or maybe it tried to shrink itself a little 'cause somehow it sensed that I had been freaking. Maybe I have descended into an alternate world, like Alice through the looking glass or something and suddenly see it in a new size, i mean, light.
    there is a 25% chance now I will keep it...............instead of 0%, I don't has a certain weird charm about it.
    you all have been so supportive, comforting, funny, and wonderful re: this whole thing, and I so appreciate you!
    will keep you posted..................
    P.S. DH just came into my office and said "Well, are you going to keep it? Its very Los Angeles" L-O-friggin-L!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Let's see a modeling picture. Maybe it looks a lot better on than you think. :yes:
  3. LOL...when I went to the Chanel Boutique in South Coast Plaza they had a gold one there. I noticed they stuffed it as much they could. Maybe it not being so stuffed makes it look better :shrugs: . Put poor guy, he thought it was a tv...LOL :roflmfao: .
  4. LOL you cracked me up.....
    and your poor hubby thought it was a tv? when i brught my khaki cabas home from fedex, my hubby could not believe there was only 1 bag in that big box.
    congrats on the bag.... please model it for us....
  5. oh it'd be great if you love it! don't worry about what a couple of people here might think.
    If you like it and it feels good on, that's all tehat matters!:yes:
    I'd love to see it!
  6. ::big smile:: okay ladies...i shall figure out how to take pics and model it! you all deserve to see it on my shoulder, either for semi-approval :P or more laughs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. Oh I can't wait to see it!!! :smile:))
  8. Regardless of whether you end up keeping the bag or not, you definately have a great sense of humor about it! If the silver bag is a "whale" what would the gold bag have been? :roflmfao:
  9. LOL...Cougess, the gold one would have been ................lessee...........

    (Haiku for an Oversized Chanel bag: (3 lines: 5 syllables; 7 syllables ; 5 syllables)

    Golden Gate Bridge size,
    Tremendous Cabas pounces
    Knocks me unconscious

    :roflmfao: lol
  10. can't wait to see pics!!
  11. cant wait to see you modeling it.. lets be the judge if it suits you or not?!
  12. MUST see pics!!LOL!
  13. Please post pics!! :smile:
  14. Hahaha give us some pics! Love your haiku!

    Anxiously waiting
    For the Godzilla Cabas
    To land in this thread
  15. You are so funny :smile: Can't wait to see pics.