The Dumbest Thing

  1. I'm in the mood to tell me:

    What is the dumbest/stupidest thing you have ever done, and why?
    Do you regret it or can you laugh now?

    I think the stupidest thing I ever did:
    I owned this car...I was driving along one day in the rain talking to my ex BF (we were together at the time) while driving. We were early arriving for the movies, so I said "hey honey, let's go visit my friend Jenn, she lives a block away". So I drive past the movie theater and half a block later I crash into a car. I saw him too late and slammed on the brakes...which was useless in the rain. It ends up being a 5 car pileup. was this poor old couple on their way to their granddaughters birthday party :sad: Fortunately they were not hurt at all...and the only damage to their car was a bent license plate.
    My car...well it was totalled and stuck underneath their car. We pry them apart and I decided "to heck with the movie...let's go home". The headlights were smashed and it's dark. The little light bulb thingys were dangling from the I drove.:roflmfao: I actually contemplated taping a flashlight to the hood. And then I drove like this for a week!

    So anyways...a guy agrees to buy my car (he fixes up writeoffs). A day before I am getting ready to give it to him I am in a bad mood at work. I go tearing out of this highrise building's driveway. So angry I'm not paying attention...and I crash right into a planter that is parked on the sidewalk.:wtf: I have no clue how I ended up on the sidewalk...and the friggin thing was concrete.
    It does so much more damage (I wouldn't think that was possible after the first crash) that the guy won't buy it.:roflmfao:

    I don't regret it now (I got a new car out of the deal), but I did at the time because it was my 1st Beetle....but I can sure laugh now! I'm the only person I know who has rammed into two non-moving objects in the space of a week!

    Poor planter :sad:
  2. Sheeeesh!!! Bad DAY!!! I can't think of anything worse lol so I'll say you win right now LOL!!! Poor twiggers!!
  3. Oh Gosh, this is so embarassing but I feel able to tell it now - just ;)

    30th Birthday party. I had given birth to our second daughter Mia 3 months before and stupidly dieted from the second she was born to look great for my big 3 0 birthday.

    The day comes, and hey, I can fit in my dress and feel great. Get to a really nice bar, have my first glass of champagne in probably a year and immediately feel it go to my head. This is great I think, I am a cheap date. By the 3rd drink I am holding onto the bar for dear life, and on our way out to the restaurant, I go completely flying! Once inside the restaurant, I vomit in my best friends shoes, and pass out, The shame is complete when my husband picked me up, took me home and let my mum who was babysitting, literally babysit me, while he went back and enjoyed my BIG night :biggrin:

    I remember not one thing about my great birthday :biggrin:
  4. LOL Chloe!!!!!

    Aww thanks Chag! That was just pure stupidity on my part...needless to say those were my only accidents...and I hope never to repeat it!
  5. Marrying my first husband. My gut was screaming NO! NO! NO! but I was young and insecure and thought that I might never get another offer. We divorced after a year. That divorce was the smartest thing I ever did, LOL! :P
  6. The stupidest thing I have ever done is:

    I was 16 years old and everyone was going out that night to watch the hurricane barriers close down because we were having a hurricane. So, my friend pulled out of the parking lot we were in and fishtaled her car up the road. She was very good at getting her car to fishtale on purpose and snapping it right back into place. Well, I wanted to be "just like her" so I pulled out and tried it.

    I went about 5 or 6 feet then the car went up a driveway and smashed right into a brick house!

    They thought it was the hurricane!!

    I put a hole right through the brick, their ceiling came down onto the floor. I smashed my knees in the car, had to get crutches, and my face into the steering wheel.

    As if you couldn't guess, the insurance company dropped my mom, and then she canceled my license till I was 18, and I had to go to a hearing to get it back!!

    Edited to say: I was a bit of a wild child (still am at heart)
  7. I was in a 12-person vocal ensemble in college. We did a lot of traveling around/touring so I got used to packing my dress, hosiery, shoes, makeup in a flash all those years.

    Well, I had been out super late the night before at a frat party and had to get up really early for a long drive to a place we were performing at. I was a little hungover but excited about the performance. I threw all my stuff in my garmet bag like I always did and caught my ride.

    We got there and it came time to change, I realized I had packed TWO DIFFERENT BLACK shoes - one high heel, one low heel! And they both were the right foot shoes! OMG! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. There was NO way I could be up on stage with two right-footed mismatched shoes and I couldn't hide in the back of our group in my sneakers because we always performed in a line.

    Thankfully a complete stranger in the dressing room loaned me her shoes! I couldn't believe it! OK, they were a size 7 and I'm a 7 1/2 so I was in pain but at least I had matching shoes on stage! :roflmfao: :lol:
  8. OMG traci....that is a crazy story!!!!!

    Pseub...I was wondering if someone was going to say a marriage lol

    Purse...that sounds exactly like something I would have done in my younger years after drinking!
  9. Mine was during a tornado two years ago... we had 8 tornados touch down within 5 miles of us -- one was a biggie (F3) and did some major damage nearby.

    We live in the country and when the warnings were aired (and it was obvious in the sky), we sent our daughter to the basement with the dog. We looked out the window and lo and behold -- a tornado was visible maybe 2 miles away! I was so enthralled!!!

    So hubby grabs the camera and we head out the door. Who do we meet but like 25 cars with people from ALL OVER the US!!! They were actual tornado chasers! I stood there next to my hubby and he snapped picture after picture after picture. The winds were crazy but not bad and I saw 3 tornados all together.

    Then the winds died down and all the tornado chasers took off after the next ones. I looked at the sky and it was turning -- the clouds were turning like they were a giant clock. Then, FLIES appeared and were ALL OVER my hubby. He tried to run from them and for a split second there was a second figure of him made out of flies (hard to explain). And a weird smell was in the air.

    We finally go back into the house. My poor daughter was hysterical because we had never come into the basement. I felt soooo bad.

    THEN -- I find out that those turning clouds were a funnel cloud and we were directly underneath them.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. I was really stupid that day. But, figured hey -- there were professional tornado chasers out there, so they must know what they were doing.

    Next time, I'm going to the basement. We were just lucky.

    Oh -- and I searched on google a few months later and found a lot of pictures from those tornado chasers! Taken right from our property. That was kinda cool.

    ETA: Tornado #5 in this website was one mile from our house -- this is the one we have lots of pictures of:

    June 11, 2004 Northwestern Iowa tornadoes

    and on this page, starting with the 5th or 6th picture down -- those were taken from our property:

  10. WOW...that is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I run into my basement when there's lightening storms because I'm afraid one of the big 100 ft trees in my backyard is going to get hit!
    If there was a tornado I don't know what I'd do!
  11. Did you ever figure out what the flies were about?? Ick!
  12. DITTO! Hee hee!
  13. I have done so many stupid things I cannot pick one.
  14. No, we never did! It was bizarre! :shrugs: They didn't bother me a single bit but I'd say there were like 10,000 flies and they flew in like a little black cloud, went straight to my hubby and COVERED him from head to toe in a matter of seconds. He took off running and for a split second, I could still see my hubby in the form of flies where he had been standing because it was like the flies hadn't realized he'd moved! Then they chased him and he ran into the house and they kind of split up.

    We've described it to many people (and I wrote to some of the storm chasers who were here that day whose websites I found) and nobody has ever heard of something like that before.
  15. Lol - I'd love to hear some of these!

    Twoharleygirl - those photos are amazing. I can just picture the flies forming a hubby-shape. I wonder why?