The Duff Sisters Hit Malibu (w/Brody) To Celebrate 4th

  1. Just down the beach from Lindsay and Paris' parties, the Duff girls hosted a little 4th of July soirée of their own. Hilary looked like she was having a blast dancing around and showing off that bikini body. Brody Jenner was in the house with his adorable puppy (didn't he give that dog to Kristin Cavallari?), so maybe there is something going on between him and Hilary after all. Seriously though, can Calum Best go away now? It was bad enough that he was at Lindsay's birthday party despite being a bad influence (and general sleaze) pre-rehab, but now he's around at other starlet's parties too? Blech.
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  4. She has really toned up, she looks great!
  5. It's funny to see people wear so many pieces of jewelry on the beach.:p
  6. Is it just me or do both the Duff sisters look very horsey? Is it the big teeth and chins?
  7. she looks great! and looks like she's genuinely happy :smile:
  8. I really hope Hilary and Brody are just friends. That pic of her about to serve the volleyball is so cute!
  9. She's cute! And how refreshing to see a young Hollywood girl who is NOT ORANGE!!!!!
  10. holy! kickass body!

    and i love these pics, looks like they are having so much fun!
  11. Hilary looks stunning and very happy!
  12. She looks great!
  13. Hilary is so pretty! I hope she's not dating Brody, he came across as such a slimeball on the hills! she can do sooooo much better than him!
  14. I like Hilary - despite her weird facial expressions in some of these pics lol - but I have never liked Hailey and never will.
  15. hil's body looks amazing.