The dudes are diggin' it!!

  1. I have to share 'cause this was too funny!
    I was in a cab today and as I was getting my wallet from my lovely '02 Black Flat Zip Hobo this conversation took place...

    driver: As I was looking in my rear view mirror I noticed quite a few times that you kept on looking at your bag and touching it.

    Oh... :blush: it's just that I absolutely looove my bag... and the leather on it is so nice I can't keep myself from touching it... ahem... :blush:

    It really is a very nice bag, I noticed it as soon as you hopped in. What kind of leather is this - can I touch it?

    Please go ahead... :biggrin:

    WOW!! It's so soft!! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I almost had to offer a him a tissue to wipe the drool off!! I couldn't believe he asked if he could touch it!! hihi!!

    He's not the first male to get enraptured with the utter beauty of my baby though!! Every single time I have it on and take the subway I have men ogling or catching sneak peeks of it over and over again.

    One guy actually came up to me just before getting off and said: - Nice bag! ;)

    These are the words that came straight out of my bf's mouth when I first got the bag and took it out of the packaging: - WHOA!! This one kicks ass!! It's my favorite one!!

    I must admit, although I love all of my Bals, she's definitely my fave too! :heart:

    Here she is again in all of her seductive glory!!
  2. LOVE IT!! The story, the bag, the drooling (happening over here too ;o)
  3. ooh, that's very nice...i'm not surprised at all with the reactions!
  4. OMG! that is soooo cute LOL
  5. Your bbag could be your wing woman ! :p
  6. LOL!! If I weren't already attached she'd definitely be a good flirting tool!

    I'd call her the "The Male Magnet" !!
  7. Your bag is really beautiful, I will have the same style but in suede and in brown soon ( it's on his way)
    can't wait to have it.
  8. Congrats!! Get ready to fall head over heels IN L:heart:VE!!
  9. Thank you for sharing the lovely story. I want to
    touch it too.:p
  10. i knowww a dude was staring at my b bag a couple of weeks ago!! my bal is getting more attention than mee! lol
  11. ^^ OMFG, that's hysterical!!! :roflmfao:
  12. :lol: great story!!!!

    I love the older hobo and messenger styles... they're the best, such a perfect bag to admire AND wear! :smile:
  13. That's too DARN FUNNY!!! Gorgeous bag by the way! would love to see a picture of you wearing it... I've never seen anyone actually wearing one of those sip bags..
  14. ...oops i meant ZIP bags...
  15. Gorgeous bag:drool:
    And I love the story- too funny! I make my hubby feel up my b-bags all the time!