The Duck's Collection

  1. hello all. im a newbie to this forum and im very glad to be part of it (thanks M!). im a member of a few other similar forums, so my name or photos might seem familiar. well here's a photo of most of my LV collection taken a while back:


    i have since aquired some more since - im just too lazy to update :shame: - but you can see more detailed photos here:

    i'll update the album as soon as i manage to take photos of the rest of them. i also have a blog that you might want to check out: do leave a comment and tell me what you think. thanks!

  2. bumpage for a late approval! thanks for sharing
  3. thanks for sharing with us your nice collection!
  4. Great collection. :smile:
  5. cool collection you got there
  6. STUNNING!!!:love: Thanks for sharing!!!:flowers:
  7. How do you like your Taiga Viktor bag? How does it compare to the Abesses? like in terms of quality of the material and comfort

    Gorgeous collection! :smile:

    Taiga was my first love and the Viktor was my first major LV purchase. it's held up pretty well through the years and more years to come im sure (but of course, its Vuitton!), the Abbesses is the same. the only thing i had fixed was to have the elastic closure replaced. the one on the Abbesses got worn out and frayed first due to normal use. the Viktor's won't need to be replaced just yet. it was free of charge anyway. they're both very sturdy, comfortable and practical bags. they're pretty much very similar. though the Viktor is thicker and the Abbesses is wider. and the Viktor has a bigger zip pocket at the back. but its now got an unavoidable crease on the top centre of the flap because it kinda goes flat when you carry it messenger-style. not a big issue for me. i hope this helps in your decision. if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. ;)
  9. thank you! :amuse: I love the look of the Viktor, but when looking at my Taiga wallet I got 3 months ago and noticing that the lining is detaching from the leather part, I have to rethink about buying Vuitton again:Push:

  10. my wallet is a long Taiga one and its about 3 years old and still "together". it looks old, but no damage. and trust me, mine is stuffed with bits of paper, biz cards and plastic cards as well ... but not much cash though :shame: :lol: but if you have serious doubts, maybe have a look at other non-LV options. :smile:
  11. Wonderful collection! Love the Millionaire sunglasses, black boots and Damier jacket! Great stuff! Thanks for the pictures!
  12. Great collection! thanks!
  13. What a great collection!!!
  14. Thanks for sharing. Very nice!
  15. This may sound lame... but not only do I really love your collection- it is so versatile and ranges with so many different bags, but I love your stairwell!!!