The Duchess Of Cornwall's, 36 Rubie Diamond Necklace

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    Camilla's necklace dazzled Rod Stewart

    The Duchess of Cornwall dazzled Philadelphia's high society and rocker Rod Stewart early today as she stepped out in an elaborate ruby and diamond necklace.
    Camilla joined the Prince of Wales at a glitzy white-tie gala at the US city's Academy of Music for its 150th anniversary where Stewart was the star act. The Duchess's expensive jewels - 36 rubies interlaced with diamonds - were her own. Stewart said of the necklace after meeting the royals backstage: "It was gorgeous. She always looks glamorous to me. "I can see what he sees in her quite honestly, between you, me and the lamp post."
  2. Wow. Ruby is my birthstone. Think she'd let me borrow it? That style would fit right in at the pub sports bar that my DH and I often hang out at!
  3. That is so OTT...
  4. Yeah, I think I'll post her and ask :smile: I think that necklace is a bit much but, I also think it's lovely (and that smile! I'd be grinning too if I was sporting that much glam!) her hair too! I just can't call her the Duchess of Cornwall...she's married to the Prince of Wales! That make her the Princess of Wales! sigh.
  5. Yeah, not feeling it either.
  6. That necklace is so OTT!!
    I don't know what it would take to make that woman look glamourous! Sorry folks but I cannot stand her she knowingly & wantoningly helped destroy Diana, a true beauty & Charles's wife, the real Princess of Wales. How could Charles prefer that THING to her? People call her a horse that is an insult to those beautiful creatures. Sorry folks but anyone who deliberately sets out to destroy someone & particularly to come between husband & wife before they even have a chance, doesn't figure in my book & all the diamonds & rubies in the world cannot make her beautiful when she is ugly both inside & out!
  7. Meh. She met Charles first and he wanted to marry her back then--she was too chicken and married someone else. Really broke his heart. Took him YEARS to find someone else (and the dreamy Diana was just not right for him...even though I ADORED her!). The two of them never stopped loving each other and although I CAN'T condone an AFFAIR (that really just made me mad!), I'm glad they are happy now. Correction, I'm glad HE is happy now...having waited so long for her to get her head out of her A@$!

    She can't hope to compete with Diana's grace and beauty but, she has her own.

    And access to FAB jewels!
  8. She actually found Diane for him & their affair continued. How could anyone set out to destroy another life like that? They killed Diana whether they actually murdered her or not is questionable but they killed her spirit which is worse, they drove that poor girl mad. Every woman has a right to the love of her husband, it is bad enough if it dies through the years but shocking if a sham from the beginning. She is dead, her sons lost their mother. Neither that man nor that woman deserve happiness! That woman has no grace & most certainly no beauty she is ugly inside & out! I am sorry I am not one of those rampant anti royalists I just believe in every human being being treadted with respect and I feel so strongly about what this witch did to Diana.
  9. Not liking this :|
  10. The story prevalent across the pond is that during a period of time, Camilla got bored of Charles and basically decided to go off with Andrew Parker Bowles. Now they are divorced because of her dallying with Charles, so essentially she ruined two families (her original one and the Diana's one - Diana's killer phrase: 'there was three of us in the marriage so it was a bit crowded'). Though I am not a crazy fan of Diana, there is no doubt that Camilla should stay out of it and mind her own business/marriage.

    So what is my summary on Camilla? I think she is just a selfish person, full stop. Oh and with a very bad taste for jewellery!
  11. It stunning, but I think it's too much.