The dry clean PIERCED my scarf :(


Feb 26, 2006
I had some oil spots on my 'jungle love' scarf, normally I don't trust anyone else with my clothing, but after a month I had finally convinced myself to take it to the dry clean. I went to get it back yesterday and now I noticed that they pierced it with staples:crybaby:, where they attached the note with the number to indentify it. They just did it IN the tissue, not even on the label (which I wouldn't want either actually). I know I'm overexagerating but I just feel so sad right now:sad:... You can see like 2 little holes in a corner of my scarf.

Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it, I guess I just want to say: 'don't trust just any dry clean service'.

Just for reference it was a 'Jungle love' carré scarf in white (they came in 5 colours orso). I didn't know that much of Hermès and when I saw it at the Hermès store in Lugano I first thought it was a painting:rolleyes:, probably with the sun light and everything. So funny at first I didn't even realise it was a scarf, I just thought it was a very beautiful painting...

Oh and, does anyone know if this scarf was LE?
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Dec 4, 2006
OMG OMG OMG! How awful! I left a gavroche/handkerchief för drycleaning once and the pressed the hems:sad: I'd rather wear a dirty scarf then leave it at the dry cleaner once again.
Oct 5, 2008
Vancouver, BC
OMG I'm so sorry this happened to you. I think that you should go and speak with the manager, I mean they should have to compensate you somehow. It's not like the removal of the stain was the problem, it was their careless use of a stapler!!!:mad:!! If they had called you to say that to remove the stain their stain removers might damage the fabric then you would have had a chance to take it home. Def complain. This was pure carelessness on their part. Not like you had the staple in the scarf when you dropped it off! Good Luck & please let us know how it goes.


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Nov 11, 2007
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I agree you should speak to the manager/owner. They shouldn't have used staples anywhere near something so delicate. If possible, always ask the Hermes boutique where they send items for cleaning and then be very specific on what you do or don't want done to your items, like pointing out low heat ironing and not ironing a rolled hem. I hope they will compensate you in some way. :hugs:

All scarves are limited to a point. Most designs are released in certain colors for one season and once the season is over, those colors aren't re-released. The designs are sometimes released in new colors.


Jun 4, 2006
I know, it's terrible. It happend to me too (jungle love as well), but I'm sure the two holes will go awat as soon as you use it a bit.
I am thinking of washing my shawls myself with cold water...


Jul 31, 2008
I´m sorry this happend to you :sad:

May I ask if it´s possible to handwash the H scarfs?


Feb 22, 2008
I'm sorry that happened to your scarf! I have heard enough horror stories about dry cleaners mistreating H scarves--flat hems, holes, etc.--that I prefer to handwash mine. If you do a search on the subforum there are a couple of very helpful threads with detailed instructions on washing scarves, and I've had very good results washing them myself based on advice from the wonderful ladies on TPF. (It's cheaper, too!)
Jul 11, 2008


Jan 22, 2007
Los Angeles
There really isn't much that can be done.

I suffered a similar fate when I brought my dress shirts to the dry cleaners. 4 or 5 new (or relatively new) dress shirts. I brought them to a dry cleaner that was closer to my home. Well....guess what happened...

The numbnut dry cleaner (owner) WROTE MY NAME w/ INK/MARKER along the bottom inside edge of my shirts. (The part that gets tucked into the front of my pants.). This is an "old school" method of identifying clothing. The "newer" method would obviously be to use tags that the dry cleaner would attach to your clothing or some other identifier.

Remember the scene in Back to the Future where Michael J Fox is wearing Calvin Klein underwear, and his mom from the past thinks he wrote his name on his underwear? Yeah...I felt like that.

I was upset. Went back to the owner and yelled. But the numbnut owner basically argued that while my clothes were in his possession,...that he could do so as long as he didn't "damage" the clothing. Not only that,...but yeah...legally, wasn't worth the hassle to pursue in small claims. (On a side note, they recently went out of business)

Sigh....yeah...lesson learned on that one.