The Drill is in for Spring 08

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  1. Bellagio got them in yesterday and I think they look great. They are a perferated calfskin in metallic gold, silver, green, and black. They have the mm closure and gold and silver hardware. I was curious to see what that would like together but Chanel did it again. It looks great together. It is priced at 2195 which is great compared to some of the other price points for this season. The bag is shaped like a classic and is a little larger than the meduim classic. I can not post any pics at the moment but i will if i can get the chance. There are more styles to come for the drill and i wiill let you know how they look as they come.

  2. :graucho: Green sounds fun, any pix? :nuts:
  3. a fellow tpfer got hers in pewter i believe
  4. I would love to see the green too!
  5. Oooh, thanks for the info! Can't w8 to see the actual pics!
  6. Thanks! Please post pics when you can!
  7. Yup! I'm surprised when I saw one of the perforated metallic dk silver/pewter satchel @ NM trunk show preview night. Actually, it catched my mom's eye first bcoz she own a perforated LV speedy. And I was kidding w/her that she must have this perforated-love...haha
    Btw, Marc Jacobs brought back the perforated design on his satchels this S/S season, too.
  8. oh! I'd like to see pictures...
  9. Is it leather?
  10. I'm going to join everyone and say I can't wait for the pics!
  11. Was the green perforated tote posted elsewhere from this ligne? I think it is. Someone scanned and posted a magazine or catalogue pic. Or did I imagine it, now that I haver contracted reissue brain fever?
  12. thanks for the info. would love to see pics.
  13. ^^ Me too.
  14. Wld love to see the pics:smile:
  15. Headed to Vegas next week would love to see pics....