The Dreamers

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  1. Anyone else see that movie? I watched it last night. They were showing it on Showcase.

    It was about an American studying in France, who came to live with a brother and sister.

    It was this French / English erotic film.

    It was so good.
  2. I saw it!!!! It's a good film, although I probably would've enjoyed it more if I had knowledge of the classic movies this film make reference to. Nonetheless, I thought the dynamics between the twins are quite interesting. At the beginning it looked like Isabel was the one who was always in control when in reality she's quite dependent and attached to Theo.

    P.S. Eva Green is gorgeous!!
  3. I've seen The Dreamers, and though I found the film interesting, the plot was (at least to me) a bit contrived. I can't put my finger on why the movie strikes me this way, but it does. I thought the actors did a great job, but Bertolucci films tend to leave me with an odd dissatisfied feeling (except for The Last Emperor, which I loved.)

    If you're into introspective, erotic, arty films, you might like Peter Greenway's The Pillow Book (my other DH, Ewan McGregor, is in it.):jammin:

  4. I HATED the Pillow Book! I don't want to give away the ending---but it was way too weird!! and gross!! Made me sick to my stomach!
  5. Yes, if you're not into dark films, then The Pillow Book probably isn't for you. Perhaps I should have mentioned it earlier--my bad!

    I still love Ewan McGregor!
  6. Sorry. I think it sucked.