The dream colour on a Hermes Lindy?

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  1. still waiting for my BE to arrive :tumbleweed:
  2. Do you have one coming in??? Just curious because I just keeping hoping I get a phone call:smile:
  3. yes, i have been waiting since Feb. :tumbleweed: :sleepy:

    good luck! some BE bags are still trickling into the stores so maybe you might get lucky!
  4. I keep wishing. I have 2 friends on waiting list Hermes SF had one 3 weeks and I was too late:sad: good luck to you too! Maybe we will get our dream Lindy:smile:
  5. I got my first in Blue Jean 30. I love it so much that I'm getting a second one (in 34 since I feel the 30 is a little too snug). Problem is what color to choose? orange/cassis/raisin or etoupe?
  6. Etoupe is a good colour. Matches well with most outfits on a daily basis. And the colour is not too high maintenance. But raisin would be so lovely!
  7. If you can get raison I would go with it. That was my next choice if I could not locate a BE:smile: all the colors you mentioned are beautiful!
  8. I think I might end up getting two, simple because I can't decide which is less beautiful :loveeyes::loveeyes:
  9. BE or Orange in clemence ^^
  10. I think cassis is more striking than raisin and a lovelier colour on a Lindy.LOL
  11. My dream lindy is tosca and orange.. I just scored orange.. Still waiting for tosca.. This is my collection so far..
    Black, mykonos, gold and rouge garance. I will post pics of orange soon. I just bought it 10 minutes ago.. :smile:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365224155.068316.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365224214.417901.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365224248.334231.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365224300.166330.jpg
  12. My new orange 34.. With matching cdc.. :smile: