The dream colour on a Hermes Lindy?

  1. I have been itching to get my hands on a lindy 30cm since the birth of my kid!
    I realized the Birkin is too heavy and the shoulder Birkin just doesn't suit me :sad: So now I have been looking at the lindy! It grows on you! The shape is unique and it's casual shoulder strap is just perfect for me whilst carrying my son!
    I am now stuck with colour choices! I think a lindy should come in fun colours. All I know is that hardware must be GOLD-I love GHW!
    Please help. I am a casual person and love to wear comfy understated earthy colored clothes.:biggrin::cool:
  2. Rouge Garrance:smile:
  3. orange is a happy colour..
  4. Mykonos!
  5. Basically anything but black, dark blues or gold! Like u said fun colors. Orange is surprisingly versatile, rubis as well. Mykonos will be harder to pair. Cassis perhaps?
  6. I have seen the picture of Naomi with an Orange beautiful!!
  7. Are more into certain colors ? For example you may be attracted to shades of red and dislike greens ... If you are wearing a lot of jeans, i can suggest blue like bleu électrique. It's easy to pair with denim. I've seen vert Bengale and it's very versatile too.
  8. Rouge H with gold hardware. Such a gorgeous and versatile combo!!!
  9. another vote for orange :yes:
  10. Orange or Rouge H would be terrific choices
  11. Orange.. ^^...
  12. Orange Lindy... it's GORGEOUS!! :biggrin::yes::yes::yes:
  13. I'm on the lookout for 34 cm Lindy and I'm the same as you, I think Lindys should be of a FUN colour! I'm hoping I'll see either a 34 cm Lindy in either Orange, Mykonos or Bleu Electrique. Good luck!
  14. I have seen the orange with ghw IRL, it is absolutely stunning!!!!
  15. How much does a Lindy 30 cost right now?