The Dream Bag That Got Away....Caught It!

  1. Last year, Coach introduced a gorgeous embossed signature leather line with a carryall and book totes.... I waited too long and ended up losing out...they sold out very quickly and were scarce at the outlets.

    I'm happy to say that I got one this year--using some birthday money from my MIL and Dad--and got my hamptons carryall! I think I like this style even better than last year's, and the lining is just amazing!

    As tpfer's know, this isn't the kind of news that excites most familly and friends, but I knew you ladies would understand!:p

    I don't own a carryall, and this is going to be great for work or for more dressy occasions. I think it'll also look great with dark jeans.

    What do you think?:nuts:
    IMG_3562.JPG IMG_3561.JPG IMG_3565.JPG IMG_3566.JPG IMG_3568.JPG
  2. WOW~! clap clap clap* it s super sexy:heart: Enjoy your new baby (;
  3. I got one like this without the flap. It's an absolutely beautiful bag. I'm glad my husband talked me out getting a pouch and getting the caryall instead at PCE.

    Did you see the matching french purse? I got that too. Haven't used it yet but it will be seeing the light soon. :->
  4. It's really beautiful.. the lining is soooo gorgeous.. congrats!!!
  5. I really love the matching wallets, but I have a legacy framed french purse and I don't switch out wallets--too lazy! Do you use it as an everyday bag and did you get the same color? The red is gorgeous, too, but this bag is just me!
  6. Congratulations! I love the color of the lining!! I know you will enjoy this bag for a long time.
  7. Oh my that bag is just beautiful!!! I LOVE chocolate bags in every way, shape and form, and this one, with that pink lining, is just awesome! Congratulations and wear it well.
  8. woah! i LOVE it! awesome!
  9. I love the lilac lining and the embossed leather!! (I have the chocolate hobo) Enjoy wearing it!
  10. I've been switching my bags out every month so I'll be using the caryall all throughout December. I got the mahogany. It goes with everything.
  11. It might be kinda nice to get the smaller one in red for Christmas!:graucho:

    Do you use yours for work, casual? I'm a pretty casual person most days so I worried about that a bit!
  12. Love the lining! Congratulations!:tup:
  13. I love this bag!!! It's so beautiful! You should post some modeling pics!!!
  14. That lining is gorgeous....I love the embossed leather, but the only color I liked was the mahogany and the last thing I need is another dark brown bag!! Congrats!!
  15. That's delicious! A classic. It will go with jeans and dressier outfits too!:okay: