The dreaded Hermes *Price Hike*...

  1. Ok, it sounds like a four letter word - and I guess "hike" is. :wondering

    I'm not sure if it's already taken effect elsewhere, but it's here, at least, in Washington DC. As of WEDNESDAY, the prices are hopping up! I was in the Hermes store today, and the SA was very, very sweet while I was looking at bags but definitely remembered to mention the prices of the bags I was looking at would go up... by hundreds of dollars, on all from the Bolides to the Kellys. :amazed:

    So now, what is usually a pleasant if not happy decision feels rushed and forced, which bag, and did I really want to buy TODAY? I have to admit, I was mostly shopping there to decide between Bolide or Kelly and order something (or get on the wishlist) but I got so overwhelmed by the little pressure cooker in my head I smiled and said my goodbye niceties and took off without doing either.

    Ladies, although she was decidedly vague, it would seem the prices seem to be jumping approx 10%. I can't think today. In the begining I thoroughly enjoyed my little visit to Hermes, but now I am a little frustrated.

    Any good thoughts? I console myself that whatever the price, I wasn't quite ready to buy (probably in another month or so) just yet so it shouldn't matter.

    But still.... <<sigh>> :hrmm:
  2. All I can say is...when you are ready and you know what you really want...just take the plunge. It may be a bit hard at first, but you will love and cherish that bag your entire life. You will be glad you purchased it. more thing...look at it this way...every time you use the gets cheaper and cheaper!!! Think of it that way and it might make the pain go away!
  3. and you left no closer to a decision about which bag you'd like? did you try both on at least?
  4. Oh yes, yes I did.

    I shouldn't sound so depressed - lets just say I am NOT so good under pressure LoL so when we went over prices now, vs in 2 days discussion, she nudged for a decision, and I just sorta went into "flight" mode :choochoo: haha

    She had a rigid Chevre Kelly, 32cm in signature Hermes orange. I must admit, of all the bags, this structured Kelly stole my heart. It was elegant, with Pall hardware, and a spine in the leather solidly up the center of the bag that made me stare like I was reading poetry. The stitching was impeccable and the workmanship made me feel like I was in the presence of fine art :heart:

    The Bolides were gorgeous too, though... My only issue there was that the SA was very sweet, but her French/ English wasn't very good, and the labels on the bags wasn't clear, so she wasn't able to tell me what kind of leather was on most of the bags we looked at, or exact colours, etc. I lived in Paris, so I parced a lot of her "Frenchglish", but I'm afraid it makes me sound less than intelligent now - when I'm trying to decide what to order or look for! LoL
  5. Sounds like it's the kelly to me, Angelfish. Just by your description.....I can tell you are in love. AND don't can never go wrong if you buy what you love and what works for you!!!
  6. wow, that was a pretty strong response to the kelly.
    as for the bolides, spend some time researching on tpf tonight and you might be able to guess for yourself what you saw today. but more importantly, do you know what you want? if you want slouch, clemence/togo is pretty easy to i.d., and do you know what color you might be interested in?
    the price hike should not make you compromise if you know you want something that they don't have - don't settle for whatever you can get your hands on before wednesday. BUT, if you think you would ultimately like something that is currently in the store... by all means woman, run in and buy it before wednesday. lol
  7. ITA
  8. I just talked with Washington and they confirmed the price "hike" via Paris. My SA said that they just got in a 32cm Brighton Blue Souple Kelly -- sounds gorgeous!!
  9. ^^leather?
  10. Yuck, do you think accessories like bracelets were included in the hike or should I be safe and think every single thing went up 10%?
  11. You know ShopMom, I think you're right. The Kelly made my heart skip... and skip... and hurt a little when she put it back in the display case!

    BUT I do think HiHeels was right too... I think I might have been compromising on the exact Kelly based on the price. I really want her to be blue, I think because (note: I know this makes me sound like a powder puff! :shame: ) although styles and moods change, my eyes will always be blue! It sounds pretty sentimental for a handbag, but God help me, it's my first Hermes and I've adored them all my life. Now that I can appreciate owning one, not just looking, I want it to be perfect.

    Whoa, ok I'm frequently accused of being girly, but that made me sound like an entire chick flick complete with fuzzy jammies and bowl of chocolate ice cream, eegads! :tender:
  12. $5,500 bolide...goes up by 10%... to $6,050...with tax...$6,504... grrrrrrrrrr....:censor: This hike will set me back a full month in purchase. Damnit.

    How many times a year do they do this? If they do one this severe again this year, things will be officially getting out of hand. Pretty sure I don't see Tiffanys or Chanel bumping their prices up that much, every single year, multiple times.
  13. The price hike is once a year. I don't know about Tiffany's, but Chanel increases their prices, too. Actually, it seems to me that Chanel's price hikes are most obvious in their RTW. I got a Chanel jacket about 2 years ago for about $1800--on sale. Now, it's impossible to find a Chanel jacket for less than $4K, unless it's on sale.
  14. I wonder if inventory will come busting out of the back rooms after the price hike...would be good and bad...
  15. That is a significant hike. Sheesh - Its awful to feel rushed. BUT to "save" the $$$ and if the one you want is available... now may be the time. Good luck.