The Dragon is Home to Stay!!

  1. I have the world's greatest DH. I've had the Dragon for ten days now and STILL haven't gotten close to that tag with a pair of scissors. Nor had I told DH about it since I have been trying so hard to talk myself into sending it back (with no success).

    I finally sent him an email, told him what was going on and that I'd already sold two bags to cover the cost of this one. I also sent this model pic of me in the email, though he knows the bag: it has been the wallpaper on our desktop computer for a year now!!! I told him I was ready to send it back and pocket the money from the other bags if for no other reason than the man really has been having bankruptcy nightmares!!! :wtf:

    He not only told me to keep it, but said that HE would cut off the security tag if I wanted him too! Is he a doll or what? :love:



    Gotta sell one more bag to soothe my conscience after this one!!
  2. aw, he's too cute! :love:

    and the bag is gorgeous!! :drool:
  3. ohhh PP, YAY!!!!! :yahoo: Your DH is very sweet to let you keep it! The bag is absolutely gorgeous and I'm happy you don't have to return it!! :love:
  4. Yippee!!!!! Congrats PP, on a gorgeous bag and a sweetheart for a husband!

    It looks great on you, wear it in good health! :yes:

    Now... CUT, CUT, CUT!!!! :nuts:
  5. What a wonderful DH you have! My DH doesn't have any idea what my bags cost and prefers not to know. This arrangement works well for us both!:drinkup:

  6. ^^^Mine does know what bags cost, so there's no pulling a fast one on him! He even can spot certain designer's handbags when he's out and about now that he's taken an interest in my obsession.

    I shouldn't complain, I guess. It (mostly) keeps me honest. ;)
  7. Oooh lucky you! Mmm gold hardware :} so goregous!
  8. He sounds like a Gem!! I think that it is great that he also takes an interest in your ,,,,,,,uh, lets say passion! (obsession just sounds soooo unhealthy!) ;)
  9. i love it. congrats!
  10. Congrats PP. I still have the BlueFly tags on my ivory muse. LOL.
  11. Awww PP!!!!!! I thought you would have cut that tag by now! What a sweet DH! Hang onto him! :p

    Now get those scissors out, start snipping and enjoying that gorgy bag of yours!!!!!! :heart:
  12. Great bag and great DH! Hope that tag is well and truly off now.....
  13. Yay I love that bag, it looks amazing on you. Very nice of both of you to respect each other that way, You emailing him saying you would send it back and him wanting you to have something you love. Makes you love the bag and the man so much more.
  14. Congrats PP!!


    :roflmfao: DRAGON SLAYER :roflmfao: