The Downtown

  1. I am new to the Downtown - what colours does it come in for A/W 07? I couldn't see it on the YSL website

  2. I just got back from the mall ;) I saw purple (plum?), ivory, black, brown, and metallic silver.
    My NM doesn't have any in patent, but there's apparently a grey patent, and the black patent embossed croc.
    The website also shows that grey flannel downtown.
  3. thanks! Purple sounds lovely...
  4. no problem. And I just realized that the technical color is "violet" lol
  5. Check out this thread I started back in March to see most of the colors from cruise/resort and spring/summer 07...

    Many of those colors are still available if you hunt around. (There was also the black/white fabric check Downtown for spring.)


    So far for fall/winter 07, these are some of the new colors, but I don't think we've seen them all yet...

    Black Croco embossed

    Cypress Green

    Grey flannel

    Navy patent
    (borrowed from labellavida13; taken with flash)

    Grey Patent
    (haven't seen pic yet)

    More colors to come, I think!
    Black Croco Downtown.JPG Downtown Cypress.JPG Grey flannel Downtown.JPG labellavida13.JPG
  6. Also, check out the "Celebs & YSL bags" thread at the top of this subforum, because there are a ton of Downtown pics in there...
  7. I have a Downtown in violet patent leather...haven't had a chance to take a picture yet. Anyway, here is a picture from other web site.
    Violet Downtown.jpeg
  8. Congrats on your violet patent Downtown. It was a spring/summer color. There are more pics in this thread below if you are interested.... We'd love to have pics of yours in our photo reference thread! :tup:
  9. where can I buy the first one now???
    Black Croco embossed
    Thank you so much
  10. I recommend looking at the US website even if you are in London, they have better pictures of the bags. Shop-wise I would recommend the Bond Street store they are really nice
  11. love that navy patent!