The "downside " of signature confirmation

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  1. #1 Oct 10, 2012
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    I bought a small Coach "mini skinny" off ebay, $35 dollar purchase. The seller shipped UPS with ADULT signature confirmation. Now I have to take a half day home from work and pay $6 fore the privilege.

    Just sent this to the seller via ebay messages:


    Hi! I wanted to let you know: Since you shipped this UPS with adult signature, restricted, I have to be home to sign for, and get, the parcel. I work daily a 9 to 5 job so this has proved difficult. I must take time off work and be home Friday morning for the package. I requested this "change" from UPS. They "attempted" delivery Tuesday (I was at work) Wed (work) and would have tomorrow, Thursday (also work). The request to change to Friday costs $6.00. I could have them hold the package at UPS (5 business days) but I'd still have to miss work and have a one hour drive one way. A lot for a $35 purchase. Next time, please consider not doing the signature requirement on such a small purchase or using USPS, which,
    I think is closer to most buyers. My son actually works (in a different state) for UPS so I hate to suggest USPS over UPS, but if I didn't tell you what happened you might not know. Thank you.


    Thought some other sellers might want to know this too. From now on I'll look warily at a seller who ships UPS. Too hard to catch up with the parcel if I have to sign for it.
  2. What did it say in the listing?
    Whenever I am shipping with SC I put it in the body of the listing. Most buyers don't seem to click on the shipping tab.
  3. Why would you take a half day off of work for a $35 item?
  4. ^ It's either that or have it go back and forth. I'll do other things with my day. (that wasn't the point)
  5. WILL SHIP FREE OVERNIGHT WITHIN USA doesn't say UPS. If it had I wouldn't have known about this "signature" requirement. Now I do.
  6. It probably varies from country to country and maybe even region to region but I do find the good old post office the easiest to deal with. They make one attempt and if I am not home (which I'm often not) they leave a card and the package goes to my local postal depot, which is in a pharmacy, and is held for two weeks for pick up. It is five minutes away and open 9-9 during the week and Saturdays so it is pretty easy.
  7. Free overnight UPS shipping with SC? After fees she isn't coming out with much :Push:
  8. ^ yes I know, go figure. I have a hunch she mails from work or something and isn't paying the shipping herself.
  9. Can't you redirect the package to your office to sign for it? You should be able to do that via UPS's mychoice service (but I forget how much it costs to do a redirection).

    I believe the seller may also be able to call into UPS to have it redirected, especially if s/he is shipping from a corporate account.
  10. My work place wouldn't be conducive to receiving something personal. Not at all.
  11. That is ridiculous. I don't understand why anyone would use signature confirmation on such a small purchase. I had a seller do it for a $35 scarf once. It was a hassle and took me 3 extra days to get.
  12. I usually ship with delivery confirmation with USPS if it's under $50.
  13. This is why I love USPS. Hate fedex and UPS - as you said, if you miss the delivery attempts you have to drive super far to pick up the packages(for me its over an hour each way!)

    Luckily I had my gmom in law around to sign for a package on the third attempt today.
  14. I realize this is just a small item but with all the scammers out there, I wouldn't ship anything without signature confirmation. I don't think it's the seller's fault that UPS isn't near your home. JMHO...
  15. Agreed. Also, if seller was shipping via a commercial account (e.g., from his/her workplace) the signature confirmation requirement might have been par for the company.