The downside of LE

  1. My strap on my mini speedy cube popped in March 2012. I immediately took it to my local store and they sent it off for repair. I was calling like twice a month to check on the status of my repair, finally THIS month(August) I got a real answer: they no longer make that strap. Well duh its from 2008 I wouldn't expect them to create a new one just get the metal piece back onto the leather strap! Needless to say I asked if they can send it back to me and they said no problem it'll be in the mail tomorrow.

    So wait is my strap sitting in the store all this time?? When ever they "discovered" that they couldn't repair my strap no one had the decency to call and say your broken strap is here would you like to pick it up? Im just bothered by the whole situation bc to me it seems like an easy fix, reconnect the leather to the metal.

    Needless to say this is starting to make me question Louis Vuitton as a whole in pricing and quality and customer service.

    Thanks for letting me vent, now I have the task of finding someone to repair my broken strap :pout:
  2. i agree that was horrible,,, should of contact you right away and not keep the bag there. I am doubting on purchasing an expensive Limited Edition as i dont think they can be able to repair it if anything goes wrong within the next few years,,soo awful!!
  3. thats horrible especial that they had the bag the whole time and not to mention they didnt even bother see if its even fixable i mean you update about the bag and yet it sitting in the store the whole time!!

    yes it makes you question some SA are fab and some arent they just their to sell you item and once you buy they dont care!! all for the profit i suppose
  4. I'm so sorry about your strap. I also own the Speedy Cube and I'm thinking now I have to be extra careful. I've been buying LV for many years and know how bad the service has gone down. I think you should complain to the leather goods manager about this. I'm hoping he or she will reflect this to upper management.
  5. Yes, this is indeed one major downside of limited edition bags.

    If it makes you feel better, the same thing has happened to me with my limited edition Soana Cabas from 2007. The glazing at the handles needs to be redone, but Vuitton cannot do it. They no longer have this colour of glaze and they no longer have any kangaroo leather left to make new handles.
    They kept my bag from February to April, all for nothing.
  6. So an update! I received my still broken strap this Tuesday. Wednesday I get a call from LV saying that even though they just sent me my strap they just received my brand new strap today without a tracking number. They sent it to me and I just received it today so now I have two straps! :biggrin:

    It seems like a lot of miscommunication going on though but hey in the end I'm the winner LOL