The Double Pocket Edith

  1. Hi All

    Does anyone own the double pocket Edith in the cream colour or in fact any colour. There is one for sale in my local store and I've been admiring it for ages but I want to know if it's comfortable as a shoulder bag!

    Please help as I'm sure it will be snapped up soon.

    Many thanks

  2. That is a beautiful bag, I, too, have admired that bag, but decided against it since I purchased way too many recently. I tried it on several times, the only thing I didn't like was the bulkiness under the arm, but even that wouldn't have stopped me if I wanted the bag.
  3. I love the bag. I wanted it the minute I saw it but it sold out when it went on sale. I don't think you would regret it.
  4. I've got the double pocket Edith in Whiskey ( I posted pics in a previous post). It is a very comfortable bag to carry. The double shoulder straps are rolled for comfort and ample long enough - you can't go wrong ;)
  5. I too have one in whiskey. Got it during the sale craze last month. I love it! I don't have any problem with it being a shoulder bag, and don't find it to be too heavy or bulky. I think it's a great looking bag.
  6. Gorgeous bag - I am very tempted myself!!!
  7. I have this bag in white and Love Her!!!!! Fits over my shoulder, easy to get into and looks awesome. BUY IT!!!!!!